Symbopogom Citratus



Name in different languages:

Hindi               :       Gandhtrun, Bhutrun, Hari chai

Sanskrit          :       Bhustrun

Marathi           :       Hari chai

Rajasthan       :       Hari chai

Gujarat            :       Lilicha

Bengal            :       Gandhvena, Gandhtrun

Punjab            :        Khavi

Tamil               :        Vasanap pillu

Malayalam      :       Vasanap pillu

Telugu              :       Nimmagadi

Latin                :        Simbopogom sitretus


        Simbopogom sitretus leaves are used to prepare oil. It is excitable in nature and eliminates gas. It is excellent medicine to cure stomach disorders and giddiness. The person who suffers from vomiting due to cholera should take leaves of it. Rubbing its oil on the affected part provides relief from pain caused by chronic gas disorder.