Sterculia Urens



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Name in different languages:

Hindi           :        Gulu, kulli, kalru, khadiya

Sanskrit      :        Baalika

Marathi       :        Kandol, sardhol, padhrukh

Gujarati      :         Khadiyo

Bengali       :        Buli

Latin           :        Sterculia urens


          Sterculia urens is heavy and nutritive. Mix honey and powder of long peppers with a decoction of sterculia urens bark thereafter give it to the patient, it provides relief in cough. Tying poultice of bark of sterculia urens root on the bones and testicles provides relief in inflammation. Grind the bark of sterculia urens and filter it. After that, take it with water, it provides relief in diarrhoea (loose motions). Taking a decoction of sterculia urens root makes the body strong. Ash of sterculia urens seeds can be used instead of coffee. Grind bark of sterculia urens with water and filter it thereafter mix sugar in it and take, it provides relief in sperm disorders and puymeh.