Seed of Savage Carrot



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[ S ] Related Medicines:

Color: Savage carrot seed is red with blackness.

Taste: Its seed is pungent and fragrant.

Structure: Its seed is very famous.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of its seeds is harmful for the hot natured persons.

Removing bad effect: Sterculia urens and mastagi remove the bad effects of savage carrot seed.

Compare: Its seed can be compared with the seed of caraway.

Dose: It can be taken in 4 grams quantity.

Quality: Taking over quantity of seeds of savage carrot helps in urination clearly. It makes menstrual excretion normal and increases digestive power. Besides it, its seeds bring out chronic and thick phlegm. It is useful to cure chronic cough and the diseases of the children and break stone.