Savage Almond



Name in different languages:

English      :       Savage almond

Hindi         :       Chalmogra, Kadava, kaith

Sanskrit    :       Tuvarac, katu, kapith, kushthbairi

Marathi     :       Kadu kapith, jangli badam

Bengali     :       Chaulmugra

Latin         :       Gynocardia odorata  


The savage almond is small, sour bitter and pungent in taste. Its oil is pungent, sour and hot, and eliminates vatta, pitta and kapha. It is useful to cure anorexia, blood disorders, body pain, wounds, leprosy, itching, vomiting, several skin diseases, stomach disorders, rheumatism, navel pain, diabetes and kills stomach worms. All the three types of savage almonds are same in characteristics and use.