Aurum metallicum



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Introduction: -

Aurum Metallicum drug acts well on blood, malfunctioning of the bones and glands by that crop of, it cures several types of diseases related to blood, bones and glands. 

Aurum Metallicum is very useful drug for curing mental symptoms during syphilis. This remedy should be used for curing the symptoms of such patients who are disappointed and have symptoms of uncurious and desire for committing suicide.   

Use of Aurum Metallicum medicine in following symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

  • The patient has desires for committing suicide and he feels himself as useless as well as also suffers from despair with high blood pressure and feeling of disappointing in life.
  • The patient suffered from these symptoms has also other symptoms as- desires for committing suicide, scaring from death, irritability and turn in a curious position by little topic. 

The patient feels fear and mental troubles, and he asks question frequently without getting any answer.

  • The patient feels over noisy, excitement, illusion and doesn’t work with activeness.

The patient suffered from these symptoms should use Aurum Metallicum drug for curing them.

Head-related Symptoms: -

  • The patient feels intensive headache, intensive tightness at night and vertigo.
  • The patient suffers from cutting and tearing pain in the brain to the forehead.
  • Pain occurs in the bones which effects found on the face. The patient suffers from accumulation of blood in the head and boils also appear on many parts of the head. 

The patient suffered from these symptoms should use Aurum Metallicum drug for curing symptoms.

Eyes-related Symptoms: -

  • The patient feels intensive pain inside the eyeballs and in the eyes region.
  • The patient finds an object as double or he doesn’t able to see the upper half part of an object.
  • The patient feels stretched eyes, sensation of shiny things like fire and intensive pain in the bones near eyes region.
  • The patient suffers from swelled nerves of the cornea, feeling of pain from outside to inside, feeling of pricking any pointed object in the eyes and redness in the eyes cornea.  

The patient suffered from such symptoms should use Aurum Metallicum.

Ears-related Symptoms: - 

Aurum Metallicum is very beneficial drug for the patient who suffers from fever, otorrhoea (ear pus), presence of pus in the outer hole of the ear and pain inside the ear.

Nasal Symptoms: -

If the patient suffers from wounds inside  swelling and pain in the upper part of the nose, nose burning, discharging of burning fluid like pus from the nose, occasional nose bleeding, feeling of pricking sensation in the nose, fetid nose, inability for swallowing smell, tumour inside the nose, etc., Aurum Metallicum drug should be used.    

Mouth-related Symptoms: -

A woman suffers from foul breath during menses, mouth bitterness and gums wounds. These symptoms are cured by using Aurum Metallicum drug.

Facial Symptoms: -

The patient feels cutting and tearing pain in the cheek bones that acts many bones of the face.

Throat-related Symptoms: -

The patient feels pain in the throat while swallowing food, something entangling in the throat and pain in the throat nodes. Aurum Metallicum is very beneficial drug for curing such symptoms. 

Stomach-related Symptoms: -

Sometimes the patient suffers from hunger and over thirst with the symptoms of retching, suffocation, feeling of warmth, swelling in the upper half part of the stomach, stomach burning and hot belching. Aurum Metallicum should be used for curing these symptoms.

Abdominal Symptoms: -

Aurum Metallicum drug should be used in the symptoms of burning and pain in the right side of the stomach or hypochondriam, blocked stomach wind and inflammation of the chest glands.  

Urine-related Symptoms: -

Aurum Metallicum medicine should be used for curing such symptoms as- discharging of dirty and thick urine like whey and oil, retention of urine and pain. 

Symptoms related with Anus: -

Aurum Metallicum medicine should be used for curing constipation, symptoms of solid and hard stools, loose-motions at night and burning sensation in the anus.

Symptoms associated with Male: -

Aurum Metallicum medicine should be used in pain and swelling of the testicles, toughness in the testicles, excitement in the penis, contraction in the child testicles and hydrocel.    

Gynecology Symptoms: -

The women suffered from vaginal excitement, enlargement of the ovary, replaced ovary, sterility, intense burning in the vagina, etc., should use Aurum Metallicum drug for curing these symptoms. 

Heart-related Symptoms: -

Sometimes the patient feels heart-failure for 2-3 seconds afterwards the heart palpitates loudly, and the patient feels tightness in the digestive systems. He also suffers from fast nerves speed, debility, abnormal palpitation, chaos calf of the hand and high blood pressure. Aurum Metallicum medicine should be used for curing these symptoms. 

Symptoms associated with the Respiratory Systems: -

Aurum Metallicum medicine should be used in difficult breathing, problems while inhaling and pricking sensation in the chest bones.

Symptoms associated with Bones: -

If the patient suffers from bones pain, vertigo, abscess of bones, intensive pain in the bones at night, intensive pain in the bones of nose, mouth and ear; pain in the affected bones, amelioration of symptoms in the opened air, aggravation of symptoms at night, etc., Aurum Metallicum drug should be used. 

Symptoms associated with the external body parts: -

The patient feels as if all the blood is running from the head to the legs, and suffers from swelling, excessive excitement of sexual intercourse, feels as if blood is boiling, paralysis effects in the bone joints, anatomy (cutting and tearing) pain in the bone joints and knee’s weakness. Aurum Metallicum drug should be used for curing these symptoms.

Symptoms related with sleep: -

If the patient doesn’t able to sleep well and suffers from insomnia, sobbing loudly during sleep, dare dreams, etc., Aurum Metallicum drug should be used.

Relation: -

Some qualities of Syphilinum and Aurum metallicum medicines can be compared with Aurum Metallicum drug.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms are aggravated by cold in the winter season. Symptoms aggravate from sun set to sun rise and in the winter season.

Amelioration: -

These symptoms start ameliorating in hot air, in the morning and in the hot weather.

Dose: -

Aurum Metallicum medicine should be used in 3rd to 30th potencies for curing symptoms. 30th potency is very useful in the case of high blood pressure.