Atropa belladonna



Name in Different Languages:

Latin         :       Atropa belladonna

Hindi         :      Angoor shepha, Saag, Angoor Lukmana

Marathi     :      Girbooti

Bengali     :      Yebraz

Punjabi     :      Soochi

Parsian     :      Angoore Shifa

Arabic       :      Ustarang, Inhatthouli


Atropa belladonna ends breathing problems, vatta disorders, cough and fever. It helps in urination clearly and provides deep sleep. Make a paste by grinding root and leaves of atropa belladonna thereafter coat it on the tumours, it bursts tumours after maturing. In the stomach diseases, grind little quantity of its fruit with milk and water thereafter mix honey in it. All the diseases of the stomach are cured by taking this mixture.