Atista radix



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Introduction: -

        Atista Radix drug is used for curing several types of symptoms as- stomach worms and sprue

        Atista Radix medicine is more powerful than the Atista Indica medicine. This drug is used in both the conditions of sprue as- bacillus and amoebic. 

        If the patient suffers from bloody excretion with intensive navel pain, aggravation of sprue in winter, etc., this drug is used.

        In the cases of stomach worms with stomach flatulence, pain of the gall bladder, etc., Atista Radix drug should be used. This remedy destroys the stomach worms and throws them out.

Dose: -

        The mother tincture of Atista Radix drug should be used in 3x, 12, 20 potencies for curing symptoms.