If a woman faces frequent abortion or her children die due to vomiting and loose motions after the birth. Such woman is the victim of the disease named athra.


A woman suffers from this disease if there is problem in her uterus. This disease can be cured by taking those medicines, which strengthen to the uterus.  


Each woman has the capacity to nurture a child in her womb with the help of sound health, nutritive meal and good way of living.  This is called vital power. This vital power can be enhanced by the help of green vegetables, foodstuffs rich in vitamins, walking in the morning and evening and normal exercise. Causes and symptoms of this disease are different in different women.  Therefore, consult to an experienced doctor.   

Treatment of this disease should be done at the sensation of embryo in the womb, during pregnancy and after delivery. Treatment should be done patiently and according to rules. Sometimes, a woman may become the victim of this disease due to the fault in the semen or weakness of the husband. If one between husband and wife has been suffering from gonorrhea, the woman may become the victim of this disease.  Both husband and wife should not establish sexual relation until both are healthy completely. Here it means to say that a woman should not pregnant until she gets rid of the disease.

Athara athara