Astragalus mollssimus



Introduction: -

       As the tobacco, morphine and wine affect the human body, Astragalus mollssimus drug affects on the animals. Sometimes suffered animal moves mischief and ridiculously due to first stage of delusory by toxic body or the animal has symptoms of vision fault with insanity. If an animal is addict to eat this plant, doesn’t like to eat anything. In the second stage, the body of animal is weak and animal suffers from swamp eyes, baldness, debility and inability to move; resulting, the animal dies within few months.          

Use of Astrgalus mollssimus medicine in following symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

       When the patient suffers from pain in the right temple, upper jaw and over the left eyebrows, pain in the facial bones, vertigo and pain in the jaw with tightness etc., Astragalus mollssimus medicine should be used.

Stomach-related Symptoms: -

       When the patient has symptoms of stomach weakness, feeling of stomach emptiness and burning in the pharynx, stomach, etc., Astrgalus mollssimus drug should be taken.

Symptoms of the external body parts: -

       Sometimes the patient feels soughing sensation in the right feet from heel to toes, an icy feeling in the left calf, etc., Astrgalus mollssimus drug should be used. 

Relation: -

       Astrgalus mollssimus medicine can be compared with white locobid, Rattle weed, Baryta, Arragalus Lamberti and Oxytropis medicines.

Dose: -

       Astrgalus mollssimus medicine should be used in 6th potency for ending symptoms.