The patient suffering from this disease feels difficulty in breathing due to which he/she has to apply much effort for inhaling and exhaling. When contraction takes place in small muscular fibers of lungs’ tubes found inside human body, the lungs do not able to absorb the whole air taken from atmosphere resulting he has to exhale forcefully without inhaling completely. This condition of the body is called asthma. While breathing, the patient also hears whistling sound in low tone.      

          When the disease is aggravated too much, attacks can also be occurred in which the patient has to face much difficulty in taking breath and he/she start feeling restlessness. When attack is too violent, the face is turned into blue due to lack of oxygen in the body.

          When the attacks take place, dry cough occurs, but phlegm does not come out whether he/she tries much. 


        Mostly, this disease occurs due to affect of cold in breathing pipe and entering dust particles in it. This disease is also occurred due to various types of dust particles, head’s scabs and by taking pollen grain of few particular flowers, eggs and these types of other eatables. A chemical substance named histamine is being produced by eating these eatables that contracts the trachea (breathing pipe) and this disease is occurred. Thus, these prateujerk substances should not be taken.     

Treatment of asthma through magneto therapy-

        The patient suffering from asthma should use magnet on his palms in the morning. In the evening, the north pole of ceramic magnet should be used on the acupuncture point LIV.1 and the south pole of the magnet should be used on the acupuncture point St. 18 about 3 to 4 cm below the right nipple.


        The patient suffering from this disease should not take foods as full of the stomach. He/she should avoid dusty and smoky places and keep away himself/herself from any type of worry, tension, anger and excitement, because all these can become responsible for asthma. The patient should take chapattis of wheat flour, torae, bitter gourd, trichosanthes dioeca, fenugreek, bathua, wheat, old ghee, ripe pumpkin, honey, urinal, radish, garlic, old santhi rice, red shali rice, barley, chaulai, goat’s milk, pomegranate, Indian goose berry, sugar candy and all these are beneficial for the patient. The patient should take complete rest.