Asterias rubens



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Introduction: -

Asterias Rubens medicine should be used for curing the symptoms of muscular person and the people who have Saicotic nature. This medicine should be used in neuralgic diseases, hysteria and chorea disease.  

Asterias Rubens is the best remedy for curing different types of cancer as- Breast cancer and cancer of a body part. This medicine cures effects of cancer and increases sexual excitement in male and female.

Asterias Rubens medicine should be used for curing headache, uterus pain and breast pain with burning. 

If the patient has bright red spot on the nipple that is cracked and fluid like pus are discharging from it. These types of wounds are multiplied slowly on the whole breast and pus is fetid with yellowness. The edges of wounds are red in appearance. Asterias Rubens medicine should be used for curing such symptoms.  

Use of Asterias Rubens medicine in following symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

The patient can’t accept the complaints of other person, and suffers from brain shock, warmth feeling, and feeling of covered with hot wind. Such symptoms are cured by using Asterias Rubens medicine.

Facial Symptoms: -

The face of patient is red, and pimples appear on the body, nostrils and chin. Young patient are suffered from facial acnes. Asterias Rubens medicine should be used for curing such symptoms.

Gynecology Symptoms: -

The women suffer from stomachache, menses troubles, breast swelling with pain, excess pain in the left nipple, breasts ulcer with pain, feeling of pain in the fingers of left hand, facing of intensive troubles, aggravation of sexual excitement, brooding, nodes in the breasts-gland with strictness and light pain, and pain in the nerves of the breasts region. Asterias Rubens is very useful remedy for curing these symptoms.  

Breasts-related Symptoms: -

Sometimes nipples are hard and swelled, and the patient feels pain in the left nipple and nerves of the arms. He suffers from pain in the chest bones, feeling of pulling inside the left breast, moving of pain from arm to the little finger, incrementing in numbness of the left hand and fingers, swelling of the breasts glands when the nipple ulcer become cancer, and these glands are hard and tumoury.  Asterias Rubens medicine should be used for curing these symptoms. 

Symptoms related to the Nervous Systems: -

The patient loses body activeness and suffers from occasional epilepsy attacks, and the muscles of the body don’t work properly.

Symptoms associated with stools: -

The patient suffers from constipation, excretion of such stool as olive, diarrhoea, dilute motion like water, saffron colored motion and rapid excretion. Asterias Rubens medicine should be used for ending such symptoms.  

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

Asterias Rubens medicine should be used for curing itchfull spots on the body, fetid ulcer on the body, facial acnes, scabies and eczema.

Asterias Rubens is very useful drug for curing following symptoms: -

  • The patient feels pain after scratching the breast cancer. 
  • The breast are bloated before menstrual flow.
  • The patient suffers from headache and aggravation in pain in the morning due to brain plethora.
  • The patient has symptoms of warm head and feeling of burning forehead.
  • The patient irritates even on little topic.
  • The entire body of the patient starts to throb before 4-5 days of epilepsy attacks.
  • Women desire for much sexual intercourse.
  • Numbness in the left hand and fingers.
  • The patient suffers from constipation and excretion of hard (solid) and filth stool.
  • The patient suffers from loose-motions.

Relation: -

 Asterias Rubens medicine can be compared with Conium, Ars, Carbo and condurango medicines.

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

Plumb and Zinc remove the bad effects of Asterias Rubens medicine.

Aggravation: -

 These symptoms are aggravated by taking coffee, at night, in wet weather and in the left parts of the body.

Amelioration: -

Such symptoms are ameliorated by menopause or suppression of it.

Dose: -

Asterias Rubens medicine should be used in 6th potency for curing symptoms.