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[ A ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

       Aspidosperma is very useful drug as same as Digitalis for curing diseases. This medicine excites the center of breathing tubes and cure permanent retention, by that crop of, blood oxidation is stopped. Thus this medicine increases oxidation and throws carbonic acid out. This medicine keeps pulmonary stenosys and thrombosis of pulmonary arteries.    

       Aspidosperma medicine increases quantity of urea in blood which cures asthma and others symptoms related with respiration. It excites respiration centers and increases oxygen of the blood.

       This is very useful remedy in dyspnea after hard work and provides quick relief. It also fits for asthma caused by heart diseases.  

Relation: -

        Aspidosperma medicine can be compared with Cocca, Arsenic, Catalpa and Coffea medicines.

Dose: -

       The trituration or mother tincutre of 1st potency of this remedy should be used for curing different symptoms. Alternatively, one grain trituration of Aspidospermin Hydrochloride medicine should be used. This drug should be used at an interval 1-1 hour.