Asparagus officinalis



Introduction: -

        Asparagus Officinalis medicine acts better on urination and rapid functions of the body. This medicine makes the body weak and creates swelling after making heartbeat slow.

        Asparagus Officinalis medicine acts basically on the kidneys through nervous systems of the spine. This medicine acts directly on the heart, by that crop of, the heart becomes out of order.

Use of Asparagus Officinalis medicine in following symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

        When the patient feels illusion and suffers from cold-catarrh, discharging of dilute fluid like water from the nose, pain in the nasal root and forehead, feeling of headache after getting up in the morning, glaucoma (black spots in front of the eyes), ragged throat, discharging of adhesive phlegm while throat clearing, etc., Asparagus Officinalis medicine should be used.    

Urine-related Symptoms: -

        Asparagus Officinalis medicine should be used in frequent urination, pricking pain in the ureter, burning with smell in the ureter, discharging of fluid like pus from the bladder and for breaking the stone. 

Heart-related Symptoms: -

        The patient feels suffocation in the chest and the nerves blows with retention. He suffers from heart pain and weakness of the left shoulder, and these symptoms are connected with bladder diseases. The patient also feels suffocation while inhaling and chest heaviness due to filling of water in the chest.  

Symptoms of the external body parts: -

        Asparagus Officinalis medicine should be used in the back pain, pain in the shoulder region and pain in the joints of the hands and feet. The patient feels pain from raised part of the left shoulder to the throat bone and arm, and the nerves of the patient are weak. This is very useful remedy for curing such symptoms.  

Relation: -

        Asparagus Officinalis medicine can be compared with Althea, Phylelis, Allegany, Digitalis, Sarsaparilla and Spigelia medicines.

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

        Aconite and Apis medicines are used for removing the bad effects of this medicine.

Dose: -

        Asparagus Officinalis medicine should be used in 6th potency for curing the symptoms of diseases.