Ashwani Mudra


Aakunchayed gudadwar prasaryet punah punah

Samvedashwani mudra shaktiprodhakarini

Ashwanoparama mudra guharog vinashini

Balpushtirichava akalamaranamharet


        Shrink and expand to the anus repeatedly. It is known by the name of Ashwani Mudra. This mudra is helpful in awakening Kundilini Power. Regular practice of this mudra cures anus diseases and it increases body strength. A person who does this mudra lives a long life.


        This mudra is so easy that none face no difficulty in doing it. All types of anus problems disappear by doing this mudra. The person, who does the practice of this mudra, gets strength. He gets good health and long age too. It is considered that this mudra is very beneficial for the saints.