Asclepias syriaca (cornuti)



 Introduction: -

        Asclepias syriace drug acts especially on the nervous systems and urinary organs. This medicine is used for curing symptoms of the liver, kidneys, heart and blood related symptoms.

       This medicine enhances perspiration and urine resulting internal wastes come out by perspiration and urine

      This medicine should be used burning sensation and pain in the joints.

      Intervallic pain in the ovary with pressure can be cured by using this drug.

Use of Asclepias Syriace medicine in following symptoms: -

Head-related symptoms: -

  • Sometimes the patient suffers from headache as if a sharp weapon is inserted across the temple.  
  • The patient suffers from pain in the forehead with fast contraction, sweat and urine is suppressed, such headache occurs due to obstruction of useless substances inside the body.  
  • Asclepias Syriace drug should be used for curing these symptoms because it increases perspiration and urine in the body by that crop of, wastes of the body come out, and disease will be cured.   

Relation: -

      Asclepias Syriace medicine can be compared with Asclepias Vincentaxiscum medicine.

Dose: -

      The mother tincture of Asclepias Syriace medicine should be used for curing these symptoms.