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Introduction: -

Asclepias drug is prepared with the fresh root of a tree named Asclepias. It has two types. We use mostly Asclepias conyurty and Asclepias Tubrosa. 

Asclepias conyurty or Syrica medicine is very useful for heart lump, urinary symptoms, inflammation and Vaata disorders (rheumatism). Asclepias medicine should be used for curing suppression of menses due to swelling and stomach diseases

It is proved that Asclepias medicine acts more on the chest muscles. This is a very useful drug in chronic headache, stomach symptoms and in the case of air inside the intestines. 

Asclepias is a very useful remedy in indigestion, dyspepsia and obstruction in the breathing tube.

Asclepias medicine should be used for curing symptoms of cold and catarrh due to cold and wet weather, heaviness in the voice of pharynx with excitement and influenza with the symptom of pain in the lungs membranes.

Use of Asclepias medicines in following symptoms: -

Symptoms related to the Rectum: -

Asclepias medicine should be used in the cases of loose-motions, pain in the joints of the whole body and smell like egg from stool.  

Symptoms related with Mind or Mood: -

Asclepias medicine should be used in the cases of illusion, feeling of head heaviness, sadness, pain in the forehead, decrementing in the symptoms when lies and aggravation in symptoms when the patient works hard.

Symptoms related to the nose: -

Occasionally, the patient gives a jerk to the nose towards left; consequently he suffers from nose bleeding with catarrh. Patient also feels itching inside the nose. Asclepias is an excellent drug for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms related to the tongue: -

Sometimes thick and yellow layer is settled on the patient tongue, and the patient feels filth taste like presence of blood inside the mouth. Asclepias is an appropriate drug in these symptoms.

Symptoms related to the throat: - 

Asclepias medicine should be used in throat stricture, itching and burning in the larynx, retching and attempt for vomiting due to feeling of vomiting.  

Symptoms associated with whooping (dry) cough: -

Asclepias medicine should be used for curing whooping (dry) cough, throat stricture, pain in the forehead and stomach, difficult breathing with symptoms of cough, feeling of more troubles below the right lung and symptoms of suffocation.

Symptoms of Stomach: -

Asclepias is a beneficial drug in the feeling of tightness and heaviness in the stomach, stomach wind after meal and feeling relief after taking tobacco.  

Symptoms of the external body parts: -

Asclepias drug should be used in the pain of bone joints and feeling of bone crankiness if patient bends to the body parts. 

Symptoms associated with the respiratory systems: -

  • The patient suffers from difficult breathing and pain in the lowest parts of the lungs.
  • The patient suffers from whooping cough, throat contraction and pain in the head and stomach.
  • The patient suffers from chest pain and shooting pain from left nipple to downwards.
  • When the patient bows, feels intense pain in the chest, intermediary ribs of the chest and intermediary of the shoulders.   
  • The patient suffers from headache with cold and catarrh and discharging of yellow and sticky fluid from the nose.

Asclepias medicine should be used for curing such types of symptoms.

Symptoms associated with Dropsy: -

Asclepias is a very useful remedy in dropsy with over perspiration and urination, and feeling relief after this condition.

Dose: -

Asclepias drug should be used in Q-1 and 6 potencies for curing the symptoms of diseases.

Asclepias Tubrosa medicine is used for the people who have such symptoms as- stomach flatulence and pain after the meal, roaring sound and pain inside the stomach after excretion, yellow and watery loose motions with coming out of small worms, giddiness due to smoking, intense pain on the forehead and skull, discharging of blood with loose motions in winter and chest related symptoms.