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Introduction: -

Asafoetida is very useful remedy for curing troubles of nervous systems, hysteria and throat tumors. Sometimes the patient suffers from jerking and contraction in the stomach and pharynx. He also feels intestinal straining. This medicine proves effective for curing these symptoms. 

 Asafoetida is a beneficial remedy for checking the bad effects of mercury

If someone feels increasing colic in the stomach like a ball, Asafoetida drug should be used. The patient suffered from this disease has also other symptoms as- unsuccessful for drinking water and feeling of recurring of eaten meal in the stomach. Such symptoms are produced to press the pus, phlegm, dilute loose motions, etc.  

Asafoetida is an efficacious drug in the pain of the eyes veins. Sometimes the patient feels such pain in the chest as if lung is unable for inhaling properly, and he suffers from bone composition and wounds. This medicine can be used in above symptoms.    

Asafoetida medicine should be used for curing hysteria. The patient suffered from this disease has also other symptoms as- troubling of throat and pharynx, feeling of throat entangling due to nerves excitement, complicated modality of the patient, occasionally laughing, face redness and feeling of warmth in the body. This drug should be used for curing above symptoms. 

Useful Properties of Asafoetida medicine: -

Head Symptoms: -

Sometimes the patient is irritable, sensitive for anything and screams caused by sorrow. He feels that his eyebrows are injected with a sharp tool, and feels also tightness with pain in the eyebrows. Asafoetida medicine should be used for curing above symptoms.

Eye Symptoms: -

Asafoetida drug should be used for curing such symptoms as- pain in the eye nerves, a feeling of relief after pressing the painful part, burning inside the eyes, intense pain in the eyebrows region, a feeling of bloated forehead in the left side, a feeling as eyebrows are injected with a sharp tool and incrementing in these symptoms at night.  

Ear Symptoms: -

This drug should be used in such symptoms as- excretion of fetid pus from the ear, a feeling as piercing with a sharp tool in the breast bone, pain in the temple and a feeling as anything is pushing outside.

Nose Symptoms: -

In the catarrh with excretion of diluet fluid from the nose and amelioration of nose bones, Asafoetida medicine should be used. 

Throat Symptoms: -

Sometimes the patient feels prevention inside the throat like a ball, and this prevention is moving out and in. Patient feels, this ball (prevention) is going towards opposite way of the digestion system or he feels a pulling in throat towards the stomach. Asafoetida is useful remedy for curing such type of symptoms.   

Stomach-related Symptoms: -

Sometimes the patient feels emptiness in the stomach, and suffers from stomach flatulence due to debility, feeling of palpitation, a feeling of burning in the stomach, stomachache, stomach tickling and rolling sound of wind, and painful belching with loudly sound. Asafoetida drug should be used for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

A woman who has symptoms of continually abortion, milk fulfilling in the breast or over excitement with some quantity of breast milk, should use this drug for getting relief. 

Rectum-related Symptoms: -

Asafoetida medicine should be used in the cases of chaos anus with pain, over-appetite, constipation, a feeling of pain and something entangling inside the anus, diarrhoea with foul excretion, stomach flatulence and feeling of recurring of the eaten food in the stomach. 

Breast Symptoms: -

This medicine should be used for curing symptoms of breast jerking and stricture, a feeling of lungs contraction and palpitation like shivering.  

Symptoms associated with bones: -

Asafoetida drug should be used for curing symptoms of piercing pain in the bones, effects of paralysis in the bones, intense pain, appearance of swelling near bones and pusfull wounds on the bones.  

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

Asafoetida medicine should be used in itching of the body parts, a feeling of relief after scratching, a feeling of pain in the sides of wound and nerves disorders due to pressed diseases in the skin.  

Relation: -

Asafoetida medicine can be compared with Arum, Mercurius, Mask, Phosphorus, Silae, Valeriana and Ambra medicines.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms aggravate in the sitting posture, at night, by taking a rest, by hot experiments and by typing bandage over the wounds.

Amelioration: -

Such symptoms ameliorate in opened air, by pressing or any pressure or any other movement.

Dose: -

Asafoetida medicine should be used 2nd to 6th potency for curing the symptoms.