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Introduction: -

Arundo is a useful drug for curing hay-fever with the symptoms of cold and catarrh.

Use of Arundo medicine in following symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: - 

  • The patient suffers from head itching, alopecia, weakness of hair root and headache.
  • The patient feels intensive pain in the rear of the head, and this pain moves in the right Romak region. 
  • The patient feels deeply pain both the sides of head.

Arundo drug should be used for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms related to the ears: -

Arundo medicine should be used for curing all types symptoms of the ears.

Nose-related symptoms: -

This medicine should be used in the symptoms of hay-fever, discharging of burning fluid from the nostrils, nostrils itching and catarrh.  

Mouth-related symptoms: -

This medicine should be used in the burning and itching of the mouth, gums bleeding, appearing wounds inside the mouth and tongue crackling.

Stomach-related Symptoms: -

The patient feels coldness inside the stomach and desires for eating bitter things; with this, the patient also suffers from hay-fever. Arundo medicine should be used for curing these symptoms.

Abdominal Symptomach: -

The patient feels as if any living creature is moving inside his stomach, and he suffers from stomach flatulence and pain in thigh parts. Arundo medicine should be used for curing such symptoms. 

Symptoms associated with faeces (stools): -

  • The patient suffers from anus burning sensation, faeces greeness and hey-fever when he excretes out.
  • When a woman who feeds her baby feels burning during excretion; she also suffers from stool greenness and diarrhoea.  

Arundo medicine should be used for curing these symptoms.

Urinary Symptoms: -

Arundo medicine should be used in the symptoms of urine redness like oil and symptoms of hay-fever.

Symptoms of Male: -

Arundo medicine should be used for curing the symptoms of pain in spermatic cords during sexual intercourse with a woman.

Gynecology symptoms: -

Arundo is a beneficial drug in the cases of irregular menses (beginning of menses before the definite period), scanty menses, pain in the shoulders and abdomen and undesired for sexual intercourse due to vaginal itching.  

Symptoms related to the Respiratory Systems: -

Arundo is an appropriate drug in the symptoms of difficult breathing with cough, discharging of blue phlegm and chest burning with pain.  

Symptoms of the external body parts: -

This is very useful remedy in the hands and feet burning with itching and pain, burning in the soles and excessive fetid perspiration from the feet.

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

Arundo drug should be used for curing skin eczema, excessive itching and burning in the affected parts, feeling of crawling in the chest, hands and arms, and cracked heels and fingers of the hands. 

Relation: -

This drug can be compared with Sepia, Lolium, Sabadilla, Silicea, Equisetum sweet, Bernal grass medicines. 

Dose: -

Arundo medicine should be used in 3rd to 6th potency for curing the symptoms of diseases.