Arum triphyllum



Introduction: -

Arum Triphyllum medicine acts like Arum Maquilatum, Itelicum and Drecontium medicines which create phlegm and burning in the soles, and destroys to the tissues.

Use of Arum Triphyllum medicine in following symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

Sometimes the patient buries his head in the pillow and suffers from headache by taking coffee or wearing warm clothes. Arum Triphyllum medicine should be used for curing such symptoms.

Eyes-related Symptoms: -

Arum Triphyllum is a beneficial remedy for curing symptoms of tremor in the upper eyelids especially in the left eyelids.

Nasal Symptoms: -

Sometimes the patient has symptoms of intensive pain in the nostrils, discharging of burning fluid from the nose which scratches the skin and creates immature ulcers in the nose. The patient also suffers from chocked nose, difficult breathing, habitual of nose scratching until bleeding, catarrh, discharge of infect fluid from the nose, big pimples on the nose and feeling of facial crankiness and facial warmth. Arum Triphyllum is an appropriate remedy for curing such symptoms.     

Symptoms related to the nails: -

Arum Triphyllum is very useful remedy in the symptom of habitual of nails cutting with the help of teeth until bleeding from the fingers. 

Symptoms related to the mouth: -

Sometimes the patient feels rawness in the upper palate, and suffers from cracked lips with burning, cracked corners of the mouth with pain, ragged tongue with inflammation, habitual of scratching lips until bleeding and intensive burning in the lips. Arum Triphyllum drug should be used for curing above symptoms.

Symptoms related to the throat: -

Arum Triphyllum is very beneficial drug in the inflammation of cervical glands, throat contraction with swelling and burning, habitual of frequent throat clearing and feeling of lungs pain. When the patient suffered from these symptoms sings a song, his symptoms are aggravated.

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

The body of patient is granular and with ragged pimples which has red base. Arum Triphyllum medicine is used for curing such types of skin diseases.

Symptoms associated with Typhoid: -

Arum Triphyllum is very efficacious remedy for curing typhoid.

Symptoms associated with catarrh: -

The patient suffered from catarrh has also other symptoms as- scratched skin of the nose or lips with burning and nostrils wounds due to discharging of toxic water from the nose. This medicine is beneficial for curing such symptoms. 

Symptoms associated with cough: -

Arum Triphyllum medicine should be used in the symptoms of cough, absence of phlegm when cough, discharging of phlegm itself with the yellow lines and scratched side of the patient’s mouth.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms are aggravated by living in the northern and western wind and by lying.

Amelioration: -

Such symptoms are ameliorated by warmth.

Relation: -

This medicine can be compared with Ailanthus, Allium Cepa and Ammonium-Carbonicum medicines.

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

Whey, Pulsatilla and Acetic acid medicines should be used for checking the poison of Arum Triphyllum medicine.

Dose: -

Arum Triphyllum medicine should be used in 3rd to 30th potency for curing the symptoms of diseases.