Artificial life


Trust in human nature and natural living-

        In modern time, a man claims that he lives natural life. But, do we live natural life to keep our health fit and fine in true sense? Entertainment in fresh air and having home made food are beneficial for the good health. We get natural benefits by doing so, but don’t we do just opposite of it? In present time, some people watch television by sitting in the house instead of walking in the fresh air. Some people are busy in playing games or taking rest in air-conditioned room or they go in hotels, clubs, or parties for taking meal.

        At present, people spend excessive money for buying such types of things which are harmful to us not useful. Mostly, eatable things and wearing cloths are in it which are not necessary for our body according to our atmosphere and they are not useful for our business. All the above facts affect our health very much. It affects our thinking power and voice. We suffer from mental and physical ailments due to imbalanced diet. If we do hard work more than our mental and physical capacity and do not take nutritive elements which are necessary, our body will become the victim of any disease.

Excessive variety in our food is harmful for the body:

     Our body suffers from several types of diseases due to taking different types of meals. Consequently, our resistance power gets reduced. Different types of meals are popular in modern life style but these are not beneficial for our health because when such meal is taken, it produces different types of chemicals in the body. But, such effects do not appear until our body shows the symptoms of any disease. When these poisonous elements gather in our body, the body suffers from chronic disease. 

Negligence of stored meal in the body -

        The nature has made such structure of our body that we can live in unfavorable conditions too without food. When we take food, one part of nutrition gathers in our body which is used by the body when we live without food and in other conditions. If our body does not use this stored nutrition due to any reason, we can become the victim of any serious disease.

Natural and artificial food-

        Such natural food like green vegetables, fruits, leaves; kernels, grain, milk, milky food, root, etc. are digested easily. Natural foods are digested in our body easily. The digestive system needs not to do hard work for digesting natural food. Quality of this food is high. When this food is cooked, only its form is changed but when this food is kept in refrigerator; pickle is mixed in it; fried or chemical substances are mixed in it for preserving it for long time, artificial elements originate in it. 

        Normally, the food made by these methods is tasty. But, one thing should be kept in the mind that nutritive elements and enzymes (which are present in the food) are also destroyed by cooking meal. When we boil food or cook in steam or toast with ghee, its nutritive elements are not destroyed. The nutritive elements of meal are destroyed if the food is cooked or fried excessively.  

        The food, which is taken by us, affects our health. In present time, the advice of eating raw and natural food cannot be given due to excessive use of pesticides in the production of fruits and vegetables. Make a habit of eating raw vegetables as far as it is possible. Doing so is beneficial for good health but raw vegetables should be washed properly before eating. In modern time, some people do not know how much useful the natural food is for our body. Nowadays, all people like artificial food.

Sugar (sweet poison):-

        Refined sugar is very harmful for our health in all types of artificial foods. Our body becomes the victim of mental and physical disorders by using excessive use of it. Its use produces severe diseases, changes mental behavior and women suffer from excessive pain during menses. Stubbornness is found in youths and they show that they are higher comparison to other and because of this reason they get involved in violence, etc. This sugar is used in packed foods, jam, jelly, pickles and cold drinking substances in excessive quantity.

Is sugar harmful for us?

        Excessive quantity of alkaloid is found in refined sugar. Mostly, alkaloid, quinine, marfin, atropine and codin are intoxicating medicines. It produces paralyses in the stomach due to originating acid by destroying digestion power. The sugar starts reaction just after reaching in the stomach. Excessive quantity of acid is originated in the stomach by alkaloid present in sugar and because of this reason blood becomes acidic. All the minerals of the body are destroyed because of the bad effects of the sugar. Our teeth start to fall and bones become weak and because of this reason wounds occur in the walls of stomach

        Memory power of a person starts to reduce by eating excessive quantity of refined sugar because vitamin B gets destroyed by its use whereas vitamin B is necessary for all the chemical works of the brain. 

         Attractive sweets, ice-cream and cake (which are sold in market) etc. substances are good and tasty in seeing but excessive use of such things brings tiredness, heaviness in the head and intestine. Sweets have first place in the list of artificial food. Sweet substances should be used in minimum quantity to remain far from harmful diseases and for getting good health.