Arthritis means the swelling and burning of joints. In this disease, the patient feels violent pain in his/her joints as well as warmth, redness and swelling persist in the joints. As a result of it, he/she feels difficulty in walking and moving. As soon the symptoms of this disease come in existence as it should be started treating or as the patient should start taking treatment for it. When pain starts in the joints; the patient does not able to keep the affected part (joints) too active. As a result of it, heavy stiffness and defects are occurred in them later. Mostly, this disease is occurred in middle aged men and during menopause in women. In this disease, the knees of a person are more affected.  

Arthritis is of several types-

Rheumatic arthritis- In this disease, the patient’s joints are affected due to rheumatic fever.

Gout- It occurs due to bacterial infection, due to which fast pain and swelling are occurred in the joints. The mucus membranes of the joints are affected much by this disease. As a result of it, the swelling starts disappearing progressively.  

Figure of changes in the joints due to gout

Infantile gout- Mostly this disease occurs in small children, in which violent pain and burning start in joints.

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

  • Powerful magnet should be used on the patient’s soles in this disease. But, when the upper parts of the body are affected from this disease, the magnet should be used on the patient’s palms and in the morning.       
  • Figure of the use of magnet on the acupuncture point St-35
  • In the evening, the patient should use magnet on his/her acupuncture point Gb-34 and St-35. For this purpose, the north pole of the magnet should be used on the acupuncture point Gb-34 located on right knee and the South Pole should be used on the acupuncture point St-35 located below the left knee.  
  • In case of pain in the knees and wrists, the magnet should be used externally.
  • Applying red oil on the affected part and then fomenting under sunlight after wrapping cellophane paper on it is very beneficial in this disease.
  • Along with treatment through magnet, the patient should also need to drink magnetized water thrice a day as a dose of medicine for dissolving different types of salt deposited in the joints.  

Other treatment-

        The patient should use green vegetables and fruits in his/her diet abundantly and should avoid fatty eatables or shwetsaric substances.