If burning sensation of the bones joints becomes chronic, it becomes weak and Sino vial membrane of that place and bones become thin or enlarged. When these types of symptoms are found in the patient, it means he has suffered from chronic arthritis (arthritis-deformaus).

There is no any certain reason of this disease, but it occurs as hereditary or by exposure to cold. Burning sensation can occur in the joints due to forming pus in the joints for a long time, disease related to the tooth or gums, spermotorrhea, burning sensation of the pelvis, white leucorrhea, etc.

In the patient suffering from this disease, first of all, fever occurs with becoming the affected joints red then the affects of this disease start to multiply from one joint to other. The joints get swelling with hardness and troubles start to increase by movement. Joints are also start to be separate and the bones become curved (zigzag).     

Treatment of this disease according to its different symptoms:-

First stage of this disease:-

For the treatment of this stage, Pulsatilla 3x or 6 should be used or Bryonia 3 can be also used.

Chronic stage of this disease:-

For the treatment of this stage, Guaiacum 3x or 6 or Colchicum 6 should be used.

Acute or chronic stage of this disease:-

  • For the treatment of any of both the stages, using Rhus-tox 3 or 30 is beneficial.
  • To cure this disease, Merc and Rodo can be needed addition to above drugs.

Burning sensation and pain occurring on the bones joints of female:-

  • Pulsatilla 6 is used for the treatment of a woman suffering from this disease whether in the condition of her menses or suppression of menses.
  • In the condition of menstrual secretion, if a woman is suffering from profuse bleeding, taking Sabina 3 is beneficial.
  • In this disease, if burning sensation occurs with pain, for the treatment of such symptoms, Cimicifuga 3 should be used.
  • Caulophyllum 1x can be also used to cure this disease of a woman.

What should we do or not in the case of arthritis deformaus:-

  • The patient suffering from this disease should take proper rest and should follow common healthy rules.
  • The patient should put on warm clothes.
  • He should foment the obsessed joints in the morning and evening.
  • After fomentation, he should massage the joints with card-liver oil.
  • He should avoid stimulant things like alcohol.
  • He should take proper treatment according to a doctor.