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Arthritis is a type of disease, which occurs in the bones. This type of disease is increasing now-a-days. Its bad effects affect on the joints due to eating improper diet,Introduction:

Arthritis is a type of disease, which occurs in the bones. This type of disease is increasing now-a-days. Its bad effects affect on the joints due to eating improper diet, daily rooting, pressure and depression because of that the patient suffer from many types of arthritis.

Role of diet is very useful in the treatment of this disease. Therefore, we should take such meal that provides liquid elements, minerals and micro-protein activating all joints.  

Protein should not be taken in enough quantity because excessive quantity of nitrogen gets gathered in the body by it and causes fatigue in the muscles and urea and uric quantity also increase in the blood. Red cells become sticky in the blood too due to excessive protein because of which swelling occurs in the joints and E.S.R. also increases in the blood.  

If anyone knows about arthritis, treatment of the disease should be started soon because the fear of this disease is as excessive that patient keeps on considering handy-cap to him. Owing to despair, he loses self-confidence because of which arthritis increases in the body. 

Other diseases also do same work with arthritis as- Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Gouty arthritis, Ankylosing spondilitis and Savaical and lamber spondilitis.


  • It is the disease of joints. Mostly, it affects the knee, thighs, ankle and spinal column. Sometimes, it affects shoulder joints too.
  • Mostly, middle-aged person suffers from this disease and his weight is heavy too. If someone is fat, his weight must be reduced to free from this disease. 

Rheumatoid arthritis: This type of disease makes the body lazy and it increases early. It is harmful for the joints. Mostly, 20-40 years old person suffers from this disease. Pain and spasm occurs in the fingers, wrist, elbow, knee and ankle due to this disease. Disorders also occur in the hand and feet of the patient, who suffers from arthritis for long time. This disease affects his work and walking too. 

Gouti arthritis: The health of gouty arthritis patient is good but sometimes patient suffers from unbearable of claw pain due to this disease. Pain is so much that the patient moves his claw to one side when it is touched lightly. Pain fits occurs in the patient sometimes in the first year thereafter it occurs sometimes.  

Ankylosing spondilitis: This disease affects the person, who is more than 40 years, because of that pain occurs on the neck or down part of the waist. The patient feels problems due to pain while walking.

Cervical and lamber spondilitis: It is a kind of arthritis, which is found mostly. It affects the neck bones and down part of the waist. Treatment of all types of arthritis can be done by taking diet, exercise, watery treatment and physiotherapy.

Meal and abstinence:


The patient should fast for 2-3 days according to doctor suggestion.

The patient who suffers from arthritis should take fat, protein and salt in less quantity.

Sometimes, milk (without cream), corn, fruit and vegetables lettuce should be taken.

The patient should take excessive juice of such fruits which contain vitamin-C. Using this process increases resistance power and saves joints and tissue from arthritis.

The patient who suffers from arthritis should take fruits, vegetables and lettuce in enough quantity. It increases salt in the blood because these things contain potassium. Potassium is such type element which helps to bring out choked elements from the body that occurs due to eating salt in enough quantity. 


The patient who suffers from arthritis should not take milk, curd and whey.

Oily food stuff, butter, cheese, creamy milk, meat, dried-fruit, cake, pastry and sugar should not be taken.

The patient should avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and smoking.

The patient who suffers from fatness should reduce his weight and should safe from pressuring on joints, dawn part of the waist, buttock knee and ankle joints.

The person, who suffers from gouty arthritis, should take food stuff of protein, meat food stuff, spinach, cauliflower, pulse and pigeon pea in less quantity.