Artemisia vulgris



Introduction: -

          Artemisia Vulgris is a beneficial remedy for curing condition like epilepsy fits and fainting of childhood and young girls. Internal use of this drug is harmful for the eyes.

         The patient who scares much and addicts of self-abusing caused by mental disorders or bad company, is very weak and suffers from many epilepsy fits on the same time; such patient awakes and sits or does work at night, but forgets these activities in the morning. Artemisia Vulgris medicine should be used for curing such symptoms.    

Use of Artemisia Vulgris medicine in following symptoms: -

Symptoms related to the head: -

       The patient feels cramping pain in the head, straining in the rear of the head, stretching in the left part of the mouth and more troubles due to blood depositing in the brain. Artemisia Vulgris is beneficial remedy for ending these symptoms.   

Symptoms related to the eyes: -

        Sometimes the patient feels giddiness to see colorful lights, and suffers from eyes pain, faint vision of eyes, feeling of relief when crush the eyes and aggravation of troubles by seeing something for a long time.  

Gynecology symptoms: -

       Artemisia Vulgris is an appropriate drug in the cases of scanty menses, fast straining in the ovary and body cramp during menses

Symptoms associated with fever: -

       Artemisia Vulgris medicine should be used for curing symptoms of over perspiration with smell like garlic.

Relation: -

       Artemisia Vulgris medicine can be compared with Absinthium, Sinquata and Cine medicines.

Dose: -

      Artemisia Vulgris medicine should be used in 1st to 3rd potency for curing the symptoms of diseases. Taking this medicine after mixing with alcohol is very effective.


कि सब अपने आप हो जयेगा अब सब गायब
हो चुके है क्योकि ये जानते है कि अब अगर
चिल्लाया तो पैसे देने पडेगे. यार अभी भी समय
है भाई जब रिट स्वीकार हो ही गयी है तो अब
पिछे क्यो हट रहे हो अपने प्रदेश मे 75 जिले है
कुछ नही यार जिनको लगता है कि मेरा चयन
धांधाली के चलते रह गया है
तो ज्यादा नही जो समझ मे आये उत्ना सहयोग
कर दो 1 राणा अकेला कितना खर्च कर
सकता है आप लोग इतना तो जानते ही होग़े के
सु0 को0 केस मे कितना खर्च आता है. भाई मेरे
मेरिट बास्तव मे इत्ना तो आयेग़ी जो बी0 सी0
104 एवम जनरल 112 आराम से हो जायेगा.
अभी भी समय है इतना तो हो ही सक्ता है
कि जब पूर्व विग्यापन बहाल हुआ है तो उसी के
तहत भर्ती पूर्ण हो आप लोग सह्योग करे
मंगलबार का दिन अपना होगा. जय बजरंग बली