Arsenicum metallicum



Introduction: -

 Arsenicum Metallicum medicine throws out hidden chronic diseases. Hidden disease appears within 2-3 weeks by using this medicine, and the patient feels swelling in the body parts.   

Use of Arsenicum Metallicum medicine in following symptoms: -

Symptoms related to the head: - 

Sometimes the patient has dearth of curious and weak memory, he is desired of solitude. He irritates to see any things and feels head enlargement. He suffers from pain in the left side of the head which increases inside the eyes and ears. Such pain aggravates by bending downwards or lying, and the forehead of the patient is swelled. Arsenicum Metallicum medicine should be used for curing such symptoms.  

Symptoms associated with mind or mood: -

The patient likes solitude and appears anger if anyone sees to him. He is irritable and feels heaviness in the head. This is excellent remedy for curing these symptoms. 

Symptoms related to the face: -

Arsenicum Metallicum is a beneficial drug in facial inflammation, facial itching with burning, eyes swelling with tear dropping and burning, eye faintness and glaucoma.

Symptoms of the mouth: -

Sometimes the tongue of patient has white coat with teeth marks as well as the patient suffers from mouth ulcers with pain and toothache. Arsenicum Metallicum is a beneficial drug for curing these symptoms.  

Symptoms related to the stomach: -

  • The patient suffers from pain and burning in the liver region which is moved to the shoulders and spine.
  • Pain which occurs in the spleen diseases moves to the groine.  
  • Pain occurred in the breast is moved to the hips and spleen. 
  • Pain decreases with diarrhoea and watery loose motions having burning sensation. 

Arsenicum Metallicum medicine should be used for curing these symptoms.

Symptoms related with diarrhoea: -

When the patient suffers from diarrhoea, dilute loose motions like water, feeling relief after excretion, etc., Arsenicum Metallicum drug should be used.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms are aggravated by bowing or by looking downwards, lying and by light. 

Amelioration: -

These symptoms are ameliorated in dark, by inserting anything and by sitting in straight posture.

Relation: -

Arsenicum Metallicum medicine can be compared with Anacardium, Gelsemium, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Ignatia medicines.

Dose: -

Arsenicum Metallicum medicine should be used in 6th potency for curing the symptoms of diseases.