Arsenicum iodatum



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Introduction: -

        Arsenicum Iodatum is prepared with Arsenic and Iodine. This medicine has some qualities of both Arsenic and Iodine. This is a fast acting medicine. This medicine is useful for those people who like opened air, while Arsenic medicine is used for such people who can’t able to tolerate . This medicine is also very useful for those people who can’t able to tolerate hot.    

        The patients, who have symptoms of dropsy inside and outside of the stomach, fear about death, burning and restlessness, over-eating, feeling of relief after taking meal and guilty strictness in many body parts. These symptoms are cured by using Arsenicum Iodatum drug.   

        The patients who have symptoms of inflammation and tumors in the body parts, fear of death and irritability; such patients don’t allow for any required answer. These patients have also symptoms of sadness, unsatisfied, timid, impatient, undesired for doing work or household work, mental disorders and excessive wailing, and the fluffs are in standing position. Arsenicum Iodatum drug should be used for curing such symptoms.  

        The patient suffered from tuberculosis has also symptoms as- feeling of excessive weakness, anemia, lean and thin body, loss of body flesh and weight day by day, fast speed of the nerves, symptoms of fever every evening, feeling of weakness at night or in the morning, perspiration and lungs hole. Arsenicum Iodatum medicine should be used for curing above symptoms.    

        Arsenicum Iodatum is very useful drug in the cases of tuberculosis, perspiration at night and others diseases of children.

Use of Arsenicum Iodatum medicine in following symptoms:-

Symptoms associated with catarrh, pneumonia and tuberculosis: -

        If someone is suffering from catarrh, pneumonia and tuberculosis with the symptoms of excessive weakness, perspiration at night, etc., Arsenicum Iodatum drug should be used.

Gynecology symptoms: -

        If a woman suffers from abscesses on the nipples, fever in the evening, feeling of excessive weakness, perspiration at night, etc., she should use Arsenicum Iodatum drug for relief.

Symptoms associated with Diphtheria and Leucorrhoea: -

        Arsenicum Iodatum is very useful remedy for curing diphtheria and leucorrhoea.

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

        Many types of skin diseases which have symptoms of white spots like dried peel, eczema with sticky fluid on the beard, itching and symptoms which increase by washing with water can be cured by using Arsenicum Iodatum drug. 

Symptoms associated with Tuberculosis (T.B.): -

        Arsenicum Iodatum medicine should be used for curing tuberculosis with such symptoms as- increasing heat in the patient body at noon, feeling of heaviness, fast and excited nerves, fever, perspiration, diarrhoea and over sweating at night. 

Symptoms related with head: -

        Sometimes the patient suffers from vertigo and body shivering; such symptoms are found much in old aged people. Arsenicum Iodatum drug should be used for curing these symptoms. 

Symptoms related with the nose: -

        Arsenicum Iodatum drug should be used for curing such symptoms as- discharging of dilute fluid like water from the nose (such fluid creates burning in the skin and scratches too), over sneezing, catarrh with symptoms of fever, tickling near the nose, desire for frequent sneeze, chronic catarrh, swelling in the front part of the nose, discharging of thick and yellow fluid like pus from the nose, nose burning with pain and facing of troubles while sneezing.   

Symptoms related to the throat: -

        Arsenicum Iodatum is very beneficial drug in burning sensation of the pharynx, inflammation of the throat, bloated membrane of the throat to the lips, foul breathes and affects glands of the throat.

Symptoms related with the eyes and ears: -

        Arsenicum Iodatum is an excellent drug for curing symptoms of eyes burning with throat tumors, ears burning with smell, bloated membrane inside the ear and ear burning.  

Symptoms related to the stomach: -

        This is an appropriate drug in intensive pain in the stomach and heart, vomiting after one hour of meal, retching, pain in the digestive systems, violent thirst and vomiting after drinking water.

Symptoms related to the respiratory systems: -

        Sometimes the patient suffers from easy cough with nostrils pain, catarrh, discharging of burning fluid from the nose, occasional symptoms of incurable pneumonia, whooping cough with little phlegm and deficiency in speaking due to hoarseness. Arsenicum Iodatum is very useful remedy for curing such symptoms. 

Symptoms related with fever: -

        Arsenicum Iodatum is an appropriate drug in relapsing fever with perspiration, excessive sweating at night, fast speed of the nerves, faint or irregular nerves and feeling of excessive cold.  

Relation: -

        Arsenicum Iodatum drug can be compared with Arsenic and Iodine medicines.

Aggravation: -

        These symptoms are aggravated in hot air, hot room, by donning warm clothes, physical and mental labor, menstruations, walking or moving and in the humid air.

Amelioration: -

        Symptoms of diseases start ameliorating in the opened air.

Dose: -

        The trituration of Arsenicum Iodatum 2nd and 3rd should be used for curing the symptoms of diseases. This prepared medicine should be kept away from light. This medicine should be used regularly for some time for treatment. 

        This medicine should be started in 4x potency for curing tuberculosis. Consequently, it provides much relief. After some days, the patient should use 5 grain trituration of 2x potency thrice a day.