Arsenicum bromatum



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Introduction: -

       Arsenicum Bromatum medicine is used for checking several types of poisons. This medicine eliminates poison of different types of insects and snake bite. This medicine should be used in muscular swelling due to poison, glands toughness, cancer, diabetes and others types of painful diseases.  

       Arsenic Elb medicine is used for curing diabetes, if someone doesn’t get relief with this medicine, Arsenicum Bromatum medicine should be used. 

Use of Arsenicum Bromatum medicine in following symptoms: - 

Symptoms related to the face: -

       Sometimes the face of patient is changed into pink, and the patient suffers from facial acnes, pimples on the nose, additional pimples in the spring season and acnes of young men and women. Arsenicum Bromatum remedy should be used for curing such symptoms. 

Dose: -

       The mother tincture of Arsenicum Bromatum medicine should be used in 2-4 drops after mixing with water. It cures many type of symptoms. In the case of diabetes, three drops of this medicine should be mixed with one glass of water afterwards the patient should use it thrice a day.