Arsenicum album



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Introduction: -

        Arsenicum Album medicine acts on the tissues and each part of the body. This medicine should not be used for curing the diseases of much powerful person. The people who are facing fever as malaria or syphilis, and any type of chronic disease or secretion, debility due to stoppage in exiting, anemia or decrementing in vitality power, etc., should use Arsenicum Album medicine.    

        Arsenicum Album medicine should be used in weakness, tiredness, restlessness, tedious feeling after doing a work and aggravation of symptoms at night.    

        If the patient is mentally poor, this medicine should be used.

        The patient suffers from burning sensation with pain, unquenchable thirst and aggravatopm of burning sensation in the body after a feeling of warmth. Arsenicum Album is excellent remedy for curing above symptoms.

        Arsenicum Album medicine can be used for removing bad effects of intoxicating things, toxic things which are used with eating products, sting of insects, wounds, tobaccoo, eating spoiled food or meat (ptomaine poisoning) and others.      

        In the cases of stinky wound, diseases which appear every year, anemia, cholorisis, degenerative, loss of weight due to lack of nutritive substances in food, etc., Arsenicum Album drug should be used.  

        The patient who feel very uncomfortable and restless, and wants to run other place. The patient also suffers from sudden insanity, depreciation of vitality, burning sensation with pain in the body, over thirst and disliking for cold water. Such patient should use Arsenicum Album medicine for getting relief.

        Arsenicum Album drug should be used in the case of difficult breathing, aggravation in symptoms by moving or climbing on ladders, vomiting with diarrhoea and intense vomiting after eating or drinking something.

Use of Arsenicum Album medicine in following symptoms: -

Symptoms of Mind (Mood): -

        Sometimes the patient feels heaviness, uncomfortable, desired for changing different places, sensation of death and solitude, fear in the brain, cold perspiration, trying of suicide, illusion to identify savor and vision weakness, over disappointment, greedy nature and selfishness with lack of courage. Such symptoms are cured by using Arsenicum Album medicine.    

Symptoms of the Head: -

        Arsenicum Album is an effective drug in the symptoms of headache, feeling of relief after cold while incrementing in other symptoms, appearance of burning, pain and restless with cold skin at certain time, hemicrania, feeling of relief in opened air, addict of cough loudly, frequent head movement, intensive itching in the skull,  round spots on the hairy parts, and ragged, dirty, sensitive and dry coats on these spots. This medicine is used in burning and itching with dandruff in these spots at night. Due to these symptoms, the skull of patient is very sensitive with entangled hair.  

Symptoms of the Eyes: -

        Sometiems tear drops from patient eyes and the eyelids are quite red. Wounds, coats and small pimples appear near the patient eyes. The skin of eyes region is warm and scratched, and the patient has also symptoms of tear dropping and pain in the nerves of eyes region. Arsenicum Album medicine should be used for curing these symptoms.

Symptoms of the Ear: -

        Arsenicum Album is useful drug for curing the symptoms of burning in the upper part of the ear, scratched skin of ear part, stinky wounds near the ear and sensation of fast voices in the ear during ear pain.     

Symptoms of the Nose: -

        The patient suffers from water running from the nose caused by catarrh, nose blisters caused by nose running, feeling of choked nose, absence of relief when sneezes, increment in cold and catarrh in the opened air, feeling of relief in the home, nose burning, occasionally blood discharging from the nose, nose pimples, consumption of Leupus skin, etc., Arsenicum Album medicine should be used for curing above symptoms. 

Symtoms of the face: -

        Arsenicum Album is a very useful drug in facial swelling, faded and etiolative face, cold perspiration, appearance of painful feelings on the patient face, prickly pain with burning on the face, black and blue lips and angery nature of the patient.   

Symptoms of the mouth: -

        This medicine is very effective in the gums filth with bleeding, mouth ulcer and dryness with burning, lips ulcer, tongue dryness and cleaness with light redness, cynosis wounds, white and red color of the tongue with pricking sensation, toothache, neuralgic pain, feeling of pain for a long time, incrementing of troubles after midnight, feeling relief caused by warmth, tongue bitterness and burning salivation from the patient mouth.  

Symptoms of the throat: -

        This is an effective medicine for curing throat swelling with burning, troubles in swallowing and granular and dryness on the diptheria membrane.  

Symptoms of the stomach: -

        Sometimes the patient suffers from unquenchable thirst, inability in bearing the savour of meal, vomiturition and retching with stomach burning after the meal or water drinking, desired of sour things after taking coffee, heartburn with sour belching consequently feeling of throat scratching and long duration of belching, blood and bilious vomiting, excretion of green phlegm or discharging of blood with black or saffron phlegm and occasionally feeling of stomach blasting and tightness. When the patient takes light meal, he gets stomachache while he gets increment in difficult breathing when takes vinegar, sour things, ice-cream, icy water, tobacco, etc. The patient feels stomach heaviness and scares also. He suffers from difficult breathing, occasionally syncope, feeling of cold and tiredness, pain when swallows something, feeling of something entangling in the patient throat and inability for swallowing anything. These symptoms aggravate by taking green-vegetables, melon, watermelon and others watery fruits. The patient desires for drinking milk. Arsenicum Album is an excellent drug for curing such symptoms.        

Abdominal symptoms: -

        Arsenicum Album is very useful remedy for curing the symptoms of pain like stomach scrapings, pain with burning, feeling of relief by warmth, pain and enlargement of the spleen and liver, stomach swelling due to dropsy and stomach swelling with pain. When the patient coughs in presence of these symptoms, he feels pain in an ulcer of his stomach. This drug proves useful for curing such symptoms. 

Symptoms of the rectum: -

        Arsenicum Album medicine is used in the cases of anus pain with swelling, jerking pain, burning and pain with tightness of the rectum and anus.

Symptoms related with stool: -

        Arsenicum Album medicine should be used in fetid stool, black color of stool, scanty in excretion, condition like insanity, stomach coldness due to eating cold things, incrementing in symptoms by taking spoiled meal, black color of sprue, shinky blood, cholera with insanity condition, unquenchable thirst and feeling of icy body.   

Symptoms of Piles: -

        This medicine is very effective in the cases of piles with burning warts, feeling of relief in warts by warmth and scratched skin near the anus.

Symptoms of urine: -

  • Sometimes the patinet suffers from scanty urine with burning sensation and effects of paralysis on the bladder. Arsenicum Album medicine is useful for curing these symptoms.
  • Arsenicum Album medicine should be used in the cases of grain with urination.
  • This remedy should be used in the stomach weakness after urination.
  • This is very useful drug in diabetes with kidney swelling.

Gynecology symptoms: -

  • The women suffer from hemophilia before beginning of menses and menses starts before sure duration.
  • Burning sensation starts in the ovary.
  • The women suffer from leucorrhoea with intensive burning, fetid excretion, dilute excretion, touching of red or hot stars to the vagina, feeling of tiredness, incrementing in symptoms doing little work and feeling of relief in a hot room. 
  • The women suffer from excessive discharging during menses and unbearable prickly sensation in the vagina. 

Arsenicum Album is an excellent drug for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms of the respiration system: -

Sometimes the patient suffers from suffocation, a type of fear, incremention in asthma at midnight, chest burning, difficult breathing with catarrh, aggravation in cough after midnight and lying on stomach side, few and scummy phlegm excretion, intensive pain 2/3 part in the upper right lung, sough sound while inhaling, pain in the shoulders with body burning, whooping cough and cough caused by sulphur smoke or taking beverages. Arsenicum Album medicine should be used for curing above symptoms.  

Heart Symptoms: -

  • The patient suffers from heart pain, difficult breathing and occasional syncope.
  • The patient feels heart tightness and pain caused by tobaccoo chewing and smoking.
  • The patient feels pain in the heart, neck and behind the head.

        Arsenicum Album medicine should be used for curing above symptoms associated with heart.

Symptoms of the external body parts: -

        The body of patient feels weekness and uncomfortable as well as the patient suffers from calf jerking, pain and burning in many body parts, heels ulcer, effects of paralysis in several body parts and other symptoms.  

Symptoms of the skin diseases: -

        Arsenicum Album is useful drug in itching, burning and swelling on many body parts. The body of patient is granular. The patient has also dry, ragged and coats pimples on the body which have shinky pus. These pimples turn into ulcer by scratching, and infect faeces collects in body internal parts. The patient suffers from Chhapaki with burning and restless, and the body feels icy pain. This medicine should be used in these symptoms.    

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

        The patient doesn’t feel well sleep and suffers from restlessness, sadness, need of using thick pillow under the head, suffocation attactks in sleep, brooding, scaring and sleep troubles. Arsenicum Album is beneficial remedy for curing such symptoms.  

Symptoms of Fever: -

        Sometimes the patient suffers from fast fever with excessive weakness in the body, and the fever attacks at a definite time. The patient also suffers from cold perspiration, griefing, incremention in troubles after midnight, restlessness, a feeling of over warmth on 3:00 A.M. at night and teeth filth. All of these symptoms can be cured by using Arsenicum Album medicine.  

Aggravation: -

        These symptoms aggravate in wet weather or after midnight, in cold, take colf things and living on the bank of sea.

Amelioration: -

        Such symptoms ameliorate by warmth, lying with upyards head and taking hot beverages.

Relation: -

        Complementary Relation:-Carbo-vegetabilis, Allium Cepa, Phosphorus and Pyrogenium medicines. 

        Arsenicum Album medicine can be used in the poison of tobaccoo, wine, taking bathe in the sea, wound after an operation, carb-duck and burning of toxic insects.  

Dose: -

        Arsenicum Album medicine should be used in 3rd to 30th potency for curing symptoms. Occasionally, higher potency of this medicine provides best result. Its dose can be revise.