How to use arrow root



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Name in Different Languages:

Name in Different Languages, Arrow Root, West Indian Arrow-roo, Ararot, Ararota, Bilayati, TeekhurEnglish      :       Arrow Root, West Indian Arrow-root

Hindi          :       Ararot, Ararota, Bilayati, Teekhur

Marathi      :       Aararoot

Bengali      :       Oraroot, Tavksheer

Gujarati     :       Tawkhar, Ararot

Latin          :       Maranta Arundinaceae


Arrow root is nutritive, peaceful, easily digestible, sweet and purgative and eliminates constipation. It is useful for the treatment of bile disorders, eyes diseases, inflammation, headache, bloody piles and blood disorders caused by bile etc. diseases. It is very useful for weak persons and children. It provides relief in weakness caused by intestines and bladder disorders.

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