Aromatic medicinal herbs

Aromatic medicinal herbs


         Cosmetics contain the juice of suck herbs such as sandal, cloves, eucalyptus, camphor, lemon, cucumber, rose, mint etc to save the skin from diseases. These things not only have medicinal traits but also these things affect to the skin directly.  Such medicines provide relief in pain too. Chamomile is such kind of medicinal vein which is used to stop the inflammation and it has hardly any harmful element. Oil of fragrant herbs is light and fresh which is used with many natural medicines. Such kinds of cosmetics contain peerless combination of two medicines or more than two medicines. Of course, herbs provide several benefits. The oil of chamomile is being used as a medicine since 250 years.

         Sandal, eucalyptus, cloves and other herbs prove very beneficial to heal up the sore and skin problems. It proves very beneficial whether hair is oil or full of dandruff. Some herbs prove very beneficial on the dry skin.


It is a kind of herbal foodstuff. It is used in those products which defend to the lips and skin.


Alcohol has antiseptic vinegar which saves our skin from scratching and dryness. 

Aloe veera:

         Fast sunlight, dry atmosphere and loss of wetness are the main causes of growing skin. Wrinkles come on the skin because of these causes. In addition to, natural contraction of the skin reduces very much. Such products have been made which provide wetness and lustre for dry and wrinkled skin. Natural wetness can disappear by cleansing the skin and produces imbalance. On the other hand, cream made with aloevera, cactus, and lemon ends the impurities of the body and sustains the balance of wetness. Aloevera is the chief element of moisturizer which has medicinal elements too. In ancient time, sores are healed up by using aloe vera juice. It is helpful in the construction of new cells on one hand and works as an astringent and antibiotic on the other.   

         Aloe veera has been using in medicine for the treatment of skin problems since it took birth. The main quality of aloe veera is that it seals the skin which loses the wetness of the skin. Lack of moisture in the skin can be regained by using cleansing and moisturizer which have aloe vera. It affects to the dead cells of the skin. It removes to the dead cells of the skin by softening them. Soft skin replaces there. It reforms to the working system of skin. Aloe vera affects very good on the skin if the skin has become affected from sun rays and black heads.     

Use of almond is very good for face. Grind almond properly or apply on the face after abrading to make the face smooth and shiny. Almonds:

         Use of almond is very good for face. Grind almond properly or apply on the face after abrading to make the face smooth and shiny. Face should be washed when the paste starts to dry. It cleanses to the face.

Almond oil:

         Almond oil is used on the skin on large scale. It is prepared at home and applied on the skin. All the people who do not want to grind and abrade almond can use almond oil.

Indian pennywort:

         Skin diseases of the head are treated by the use of products made from the medicinal plant named Indian pennywort. Its use makes hair healthy and beautiful. In Indian Ayurveda, Indian pennywort is being used on large scale. It is beneficial to end inflammation and to check infection. Its nature provides coolness and relief to the nerves. Hair fall caused by any chronic disease stops it magically. It awakens to the nerves, confidence and makes a person optimist. It keeps on sustaining the balance of acidic and alkali of skin and head skin. It is used with Indian gooseberry (amla), henna, sandal and acacia concinna as a hair conditioner. Indian gooseberry stops hair to become grey and henna is natural conditioner. Henna and Indian gooseberry are used in herbal shampoo.  A person can get rid of dandruff and hair fall to some extant by using herbal shampoo. On the other hand acacia concinnna cleanses to the skin properly without affecting acidic layer of the head skin.    


         Jasmine oil has vitamin ‘E’. It is the requirement of body as a person grows old. Mixing jasmine oil in cream is very beneficial to make the body healthy. In India, jasmine is very popular like rose. Its affective nature ends the stress of veins. Jasmine proves very beneficial for dry and sensitive skin especially when there is redness and scratches on the skin.   


         Sandal is used in cosmetics very much. Traits of sandal defend to the skin and beauty. It has been described in an Indian old epic. Sandal not only ends the inflammation and scratches of the skin but also reduces the effect of age on the skin. It proves very beneficial for all kinds of skins because it is light astringent. This is the reason that it cures the dryness.  Cream of sandal saves skin from pollution and rays of sun.

It is white, yellow colored astringent powder. Lotion is made from alum which is used for cracked feet. Alum is used to dry shampoo.Alum:

         It is white, yellow colored astringent powder. Lotion is made from alum which is used for cracked feet. Alum is used to dry shampoo.


         Rose has been using for treatment and fragrant bath since several years. It is used as an essential element to take fragrant bath. The fragrant affects to the veins of body directly and it used to end tiredness. Rose is used to provide relief to human body and mind.  It is beneficial for every kind of skin. It brings newness and pinkness in the body. Its use ends inflammation and itching too. It works as a cleanser for sensitive skin.  

         Juice of rose is applied on the sensitive skin around the skin. Its use ends inflammation and tiredness. Immerse a piece of cotton in the juice of rose and apply under the eyes. Its use provides stable relief and freshness. Juice of rose contains vitamin ‘e’.


Turmeric provides moisture to the skin. It is antiseptic and natural bleach.

Use of lemon:

         Lemon was not only used by women in ancient time but also women of modern era have been using it to end the dryness of the skin. Of course, lemon is very useful in the field of beauty. Therefore, to enhance beauty, other uses of lemon have been described below.


Juice of lemon:

Lemon is used as a fruit, vegetable and pickles. It strengthens to the root of hair and makes skin smooth soon.   

In the form of a bleaching agent:

         Rub piece of lemon on the elbows, heels and fingers of feet to remove the spots on the dry body and wash with water. Doing so provides relief.

To wash hair:

         Mix lemon juice in boiled and filtered water of tea and washed head with this preparation after shampoo. This preparation provides lustre and makes hair soft. Mix 2-3 drops of lemon juice in the juice of tomato and take. Take this preparation after lunch.


         Juice of mint is used on large scale in cosmetics to look after the skin. It provides coolness to the body and gets rid of itching and scratches. Its oil is too much effective and it is lightened by mixing it with other medicinal plant. It helps to remove the infection of bacteria present in the skin and skin of the head. It makes the skin glorious. Hence, mostly, it is used in oil and conditioner.  


  • Grind the leaves of mint with water and apply on the face at night before sleeping to get rid of wrinkles and acnes. Its use provides relief.
  • Prepare paste by mixing two spoons powder of oat, one fourth spoon leaves of mint and equal quantity of dry mint in hot water. Apply this paste on the face. Wash face with cold water after drying. Its use brings lustre on the face.