Arnica montana



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Introduction: -

       Arnica Montana is useful remedy for curing wounds caused by hurt. This medicine has good ability for curing all types strokes like chronic or acute.

       Arnica Montana medicine is used for curing injury, wounds due to falling down, bruised stroke, wounds due to injury and other symptoms. The patient also feels sough sound in the ears in presence of above symptoms, and he suffers from dynamic process of pussing. The face of patient is red due to warmth. This medicine prevents pussing process and is useful for healing wounds.

       Arnika Mantena is specific drug in such conditions of patient as- appearance of wound caused any injury. This medicine is useful for healing wounds even too chronic.  

       Arnika Mantena medicine should be used for curing following symptoms as- disease caused by blood accumulation in the brain, disease caused by depositing of contaminated blood in the body, respiration problems due to heart watering, any stroke or injury in the muscles caused by a disease, much grief due to disease and an injury caused by economic reason. The patient suffers from pain in the body organs during injury and feels bitten body and wrench in the joints.   

       Arnika Mantena medicine activates affectively on the blood, consequently the venous system is also affected. 

       This medicine is also useful in that case when the patient feels crushing in the body, unbearable pain in injured parts and sensation of the bed as too tough. With these symptoms, the face and head of the patient is hot while other parts of the body are cold.  

       Arnika Mantena medicine should be used for healing the emerged black long scar caused by an injury.  

       Arnika Mantena medicine should be used for curing the symptoms of irritable and grumpy nature, undesired of playing with ones, desired for solitude, acrimony natured, feeling of uncomfortable, mentally fragile,  disappointed and undesired for telling his problems to someone.

Use of Arnika Mantena medicine in following symptoms: -

Symptoms related with Mind or Mood: -

       Sometimes the patient suffers from injury caused by wounds, sadness or other disorders, desired for community; and the patient doesn’t want that any man came to him and speak to him. The patient is irritable and scares about a slight thing. He imagines much and feels heart disease or any other diseases. When the patient sleeps at night he watches dare dreams, thief, dacoit, mud, electricity glow and others. The patient feels problems like death, but in the daytime he never does this kind of problem. The patient who is accidental with rail or motor vehicle suffers more from such symptoms in sleep. Arnika Mantena medicine is used for curing diseases occur during these symptoms. The patient also suffers from coldness of the hands and feet while the head is hot.        

Symptoms of the external body parts:-

       Sometimes the patient suffers from body pain like bitten body or the body is crushed due to any injury, and the patient suffers from untouchable pain. Arnika Mantena medicine is used in swelling and pain caused by any injury, cyanosis marks, hurt or cracked bone. This medicine proves effective in wrench or sprain by lifting or downing a heavy weight.

Head related symptoms: -

       Sometimes the patient suffers from head warmth, body coldness, illusion, pricking and sharp pain in the brain, feeling of skull stricture and cold spots on the forehead, chronic vertigo and feeling of movement of all things when the patient walk. Arnika Mantena medicine should be used for curing such symptoms.

Eyes-related Symptoms: -

       The patient suffers from paralysis effects on the eyes, crushing and pain in the eyes during work finely, weakness with tiredess, and patient keeps the eyes open and close them as soon seem giddy. Arnika Mantena medicine should be used for curing these symptoms.   

Symptoms of the ear: -

       Arnika Mantena medicine should be used in the symptoms of pain inside the ear and in skin region caused by blood faster flow towards the head, occasionally ear hemorrhage, pain of ear cartilages and deafness caused by ear bruises, and feeling of ear crushing.   

Symptoms of the nose: -

       Sometimes the patient has symptoms of cough, nosebleeding after cough, blood darkness, nasal pain, feeling of cold inside the nose, etc., Arnika Mantena medicine should be used.  

Symptoms of the mouth: -

       Arnika Mantena medicine should be used in foul breathe, mouth dryness, excessive thirst, bitter tongue and painful gums after teeth up rooted.  

Facial symptoms: -

       This medicine should be used in facial swamping, facial redness, hot lips and facial pimples and abscesses.

Symptoms of the stomach: -

       Sometiems the patient feels spoiled taste of milk and meat, and suffers from fast appetite, blood vomiting, stomach pain during meal, undesired for food due to feeling of stomach filling, difficult respiration, strict tightness in the stomach as if the gastric spinal is hitting, and fetid vomiting. Arnika Mantena medicine should be used in such symptoms.   

Abdominal Symptoms: -

       Arnika Mantena medicine should be used in the cases of pricking pain in the stomach, stomach flatulence, coming out of fetid wind from the anus and occasionally a feeling of stabbing pain. 

Symptoms associated with Stools: -

       This medicine should be used in loose-motions, stomach spasm, coming out fetid wind from the anus, muscular pain during sprue and occasionally secretion of blood and pus with the stool.

Symtoms related to urine: -

       Arnika Mantena medicine should be used in urine suppression after doing hard work, discharging of sediments like brick color in urine and feeling of spasm in the stomach. 

Gynecology symptoms: -

  • The women feel crushing pain in the body parts when she gives birth to a child.
  • Women suffer from bleeding from the uterus after sexual intercourse.
  • Suffered women feel pain in the nipples, nipples burning during injury and feeling as her baby laid in reverse posture in the uterus.

       Arnika Mantena medicine should be used for curing above symptoms.

Symptoms of Rheumatism and Arthitis: -

  • If someone is suffering from rheumatism and arthritis, feeling of pain like trimple on the affected parts, undesired for touching anything due to pain, etc., Arnika Mantena medicine should be used.
  • If the patient suffered from arthritis scares from fear about injury and the patient scares also from the touch of anyone, because he thinks that he will push him. Thus, the patient imagines of a rapid and unbearable pain. Arnica Montana is a beneficial drug for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms of pusful wounds: -

       Arnika Mantena is an excellent remedy for healing suppurated wounds.

Symptoms related with Typhoid and Typhomalaria: -

       Arnika medicine acts more on the blood consequently it cures typhoid and typhomalaria. The patient suffered from typhoid is unconscious and delirium in senselessness. If anyone asks a question to the patient during unconsciousness, he answers promptly and just after gets senselessness or sleeps. The patient feels pain in the body like trampling, and he also feels the bed as too hard. The head of the patient is warmer than the body. The patient suffers from faeces upsetness, blood discharging with stool and wounds on the hips. Arnika Mantena is useful drug for curing these symptoms.

Symptoms of Dyspepsia (indigestion): -

       Arnika Mantena is an excellent remedy for curing dyspepsia. The patient suffered from dyspepsia has also symptoms of belching like rotten eggs and coming out of stinky wind from the anus.

Sypmtoms related to whooping cough: -

       This medicine is also very useful for curing whooping (black) cough. Sometimes the patient suffered from whooping cough has other symptoms too as- fear from cough paroxysms, feeling of chest hurt due to cough, and the child patient weeps before cough.  

Symptom related with bone pain: -

       Mantena Arnika drug is beneficial to eliminate bone pain, but following symptoms should be present with bone pain as- feeling of such pain as crushed and trodden pain when touch the painful part.

Symptoms associated with Fever: -

       If a person has fever with pain in many parts of the body and symptoms of suppressed urine, Arnika Mantena should be used for curing them.

Symptoms associated with cold: -

       Sometiems the patient feels cold and suffers from rapid and unbearable fever with thirst. He also suffers from feeling of crushed body pain and bed hardness, and feels problems in frequent changing of the stomach sides. Arnika Mantena medicine should be used for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms associated with Perspiration: -

       This is an excellent remedy in the case of stink like sour yeast from sweat.

Symptoms associated with Respiratory Systems: -

  • The patient begins to cough, cough attacks and intense cough when excercise at night.
  • The patient suffers from throat inflammation, pneumonia, paralysis and with these diseases has difficult breathing.
  • The cough is much when speaks and patient feels pain in the morning
  • The patient cries, sorrows and distresses, and also suffers from cough.
  • The patient suffers from whooping cough due to tickling inside and below the breathing tube. He also suffers from blood discharging with the phlegm, breathing trouble, occasionally blood vomiting, chest pain and abscesses and pimples on the face. 
  • Sometimes whooping cough begins and the child cries before cough. He also feels pain in the lungs.  

       Arnika Mantena medicine should be used for curing such type of symptoms.

Symptoms related to the heart: -

       Sometimes pain starts in the heart as well as the patient feels pain in the left elbow, and he also feels pricking pain in the heart, difficult breathing and pain in many body parts. The patient suffers from neuralgic weakness, heart swelling, expansion in the external parts and fast heartbeat. Arnika Mantena is very useful medicine for curing these symptoms.    

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

       If black and blue spots with itching and burning appear on the patient’s body, and the patient has also small abscesses, pimples, facial acnes, etc., Arnika Mantena drug should be used.   

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

       Sometimes the patient feels much tiredness and uncomfortable with it. He has sympoms of fainting, head warmth after awaking, fear like death, pain in many body parts, dare dreams, scaring at night and incontinence stools on the bed at night. Arnika Mantena medicine should be used for curing above symptoms.  

Relation: -

       This medicine has complementary relation with Rhus-Toxicodendron, Hypericum and Aconite medicines.

Aggravation: -

        These symptoms are aggravated in stable posture, by lying down and taking alcohol (liquor).

Amelioraiton: -

       These symptoms start ameliorating by lying down with making the head downwards.

Dose: -

       The mother tincture of Mantena Arnika medicine should be used in 3rd to 30th potency for local use, In the case of injury, this medicine should be used in 100 to 1 lac potency. Its mother tincture should be used in local use, but hot solution of mother tincture should be never used especially in the cases of scratched skin or presence of wounds.