Name in different languages:

English              :       Arabian

Hindi                  :       Billilotan, baura, bandajavuya, badaranga, khatai, badaranga boya

Marathi              :       Kalabal

Latin melisa      :       Officinalil

Color: Arabian is green with blackness.

Taste: It is pungent in taste.

Nature: It is a type of grass and cat is seen this grass with love. According to ancient proverb, cat is lover of Arabian.

Nature: It is warm and dry in nature.

Precaution: Using over quantity of Arabian may be harmful for the arm.

Bad effects removal: Gum of acacia arabica saves the qualities of Arabian and removes its effects.

Quantity: It should be taken in 9 grams quantity.  


            Arabian is warm and dry in nature and excited. It is useful for the heart and purifies the blood. It removes offensive smell of the mouth and cures breathing problems. Arabian is useful to increase digestive power and sexual power. It keeps the brain happy and is useful in the case of flatulence disorders.

            It cures giddiness, hiccups, epilepsy, ulcer, pimples, rheumatism, joints swelling, kidneys disorders and disorders of kapha and vatta. 

Useful in this diseases:

Heart disorders: Boil 10 grams ground Arabian with 150 ml water and filter it. Mix 20 grams honey in this decoction after making light hot and give it to the patient to drink because it provides relief in heart disorders.

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