Applicators and other equipments which are used during make up

Applicators and other equipments which are used during make up


         Women should have applicators and brushes in their purses for make up all the time. Make is done properly and carefully with the help of these things.

Eyebrow brush:

         Eye brow is used to give fine look to the eyebrows. Eyebrows become same by doing so and hair of eyebrows does not go here and there. There are lash on its other side to beautify eyelids. Spread eyelids with the help of lash after the application of mascara. Let the mascara dry before the use of lash. 

Eye shadow brush:

         Eye shadow can be applied evenly. Shadow is applied on the eyelids with the help of sponge. Then, make shadow even with brush.

Eye shadow applicator:

         A sponge is fitted inside the applicator and shadow is applied on the eyelids properly. The woman faces no problem while applying shadow with the help of eye shadow applicator.


         Eyes become more beautiful by applying eyeliner.

Collyrium applicator:

         A soft rubber is fitted on its inner side. It is used mostly to apply collyrium in eyes.

Blending brush:

         Rouse is applied on the face with the help of blending brush.

Lip brush:

         Lipstick is applied on the lips with the help of lip brush. An out line is made on the lips before its use. Thereafter, lipstick is applied on both lips properly with the help of brush.


         All the equipments which have been used during make up should be washed properly by mixing detergent in water. Let them dry properly and use them again after drying them properly.