Appendicitis can be cured by medicines in Ayurveda but in emergency operation is the best operationPain occurs in the right side of the stomach 6 centimeter far from naval. Sometimes pain is unbearable and sometimes less. A patient feels such types of pain while walking too.

      Appendicitis can be cured by medicines in Ayurveda but in emergency operation is the best operation.   

Food and abstinence:

Eatable: Take full rest, fruits’ juice, sago and other liquids.

Not eatable: Breads, dysentery medicines, sourness and oily or spicy substance should not be taken.

Treatment  by different medicines :

1. Sweet basil: (bantulsi) - Grind sweet basil and heat on the big iron spoon (karchhul). Only heat it don’t toast fully. Spread some salt on this hot paste and tie its poultice on the affected place for 48 hours. Poultice should be changed three times during this time. The patient should take full rest. This treatment cures this disease within 48 hours. Its leaves reduces pain, swelling. Its paste provides relief in swelling and pain.

2. Carrot: Take carrot juice, it is very useful in appendicitis. Black carrots are more useful.  

3. Milk: Boil milk once and drink. It is also useful.

4. Tomatoes: Take red tomatoes with rock salt and ginger before meal. Its use provides relief.

5. Tamarind: Grind tamarind seeds’ white kernel to prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the affected paste to get relief.

6. Indian bdellium: Take 1\4 gram to 1 gram with jiggery to get relief in appendicitis pain.

7. Five leaved chaste tree: Intestines pain reduces by taking 10-20 ml five leaved chaste tree leaves’ juice. Grind five leaved chaste tree leaves, Indian beech, neem and datura leaves into paste. Apply this paste on the affected place. Both treatments are useful to provide relief.

8. Croton oblongifolius: Take 3-6 grams croton oblongifolius roots’ peel with five leaved chaste tree and smooth leaved pongamia. Intestines pain ends by taking this medicine. Whether pain is in or out this paste can also be used on every part. This formula provides a lot of relief for the treatment of pneumonia, lungs pain, testicles swelling, liver swelling, boils, etc.

9. Rani cool :( muniyara) Take ranicool 3-6 grams powder is useful twice a day. Its use is also beneficial in other intestines diseases. Its panchang (root, stem, fruit, flower and leaves powder) cools lungs burning sensation.

10. Gyanandropsis pentaphylla: Grind yellow flower gyanandropsis pentaphylla and apply this paste on the affected place. Pain ends by its use.

11. Indian mustard: Grind Indian mustard and apply this paste below part of the stomach. Its use provides relief in pain. Mention that this paste should not leave more than one hour otherwise blister can appear.

12. Spinach: Spinach saag is very beneficial for the treatment of intestines diseases.

13. Amaranths: Grind amaranths and apply this paste. Its use provides a lot of relief and pain reduces.

14. Garden purslane: Grind garden purslane and apply it on the intestine swelling place or bind a band-aid over it. Its use reduces pain and provides a lot of relief.

15. Indian sorrel: Grind Indian sorrel and apply it on the affected place. Its use provides a lot of relief.

16. Blader dock:  Eat or apply blader dock on the affected place. It is very useful.