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[ A ] Related homeopathic drugs:

        The power of Aphomorphia medicine is known after using it. Several types of symptoms are found in the body after using it like- vomiting with retching, lethargy, perspiration, tearing from the eyes, phlegm, etc. and disease starts curing.

        Apomorphia is a useful remedy in pneumonia with vomiting, constipation and coming air from the anus.

        This medicine should be used for curing vertigo, chaos eyes, retching, vomiting and other symptoms.

        Apomorphia medicine should be used in the symptoms of feeling warmth in the whole body, head warmth, yawning, headache, pain in the heart scapula, etc.

Different uses of Apomorphia besides Homeopathic treatment: -

        An injection (sixteen parts of a grain) of Aphomorphia medicine creates vomiting within five to fifteen minutes in a young person. Consequently, it passes the body dirtiness (wastes) out. This medicine should not be used in the condition of toxic caused by opium. 30th part or less than of a grain of this medicine should be used by injection through the skin for a perfect result. Aphomorphia medicine should be used in the case of delirium.

Dose: -

        Apomorphia medicine should be used in 3rd to 6th potency for curing different symptoms of diseases.