Apium graveolens


Introduction: -

Apium Graveolens medicine has ability of generating fast sleep. This medicine should be used in strangury (dysuria), head warmth and heartburn. Apium Graveolens is an efficacious remedy for curing inflammation of the throat, face and hands, feeling of pain in the joints of neck muscles, sacrum pain and frequent pain.

If the women suffer from violent or interfering pain before beginning of menses with the symptoms of feeling of relief after legs extending, Apium Graveolens medicine should be used.

Use of Apium Graveolens medicine in different symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

In such symptoms, the patient feels nervousness and suffers from feeling of nimbleness in the body and mind restlessness. The patient can’t able to sleep due to brooding and feels relief in headache after meal. He suffers from swamping eyeballs, eyes itching and lancinating pain with itching inside the angel of left eye. These symptoms are cured by using Apium Graveolens medicine.

Abdominal Symptoms: - 

Apium Graveolens medicine should be used in the symptoms of stomachache, feeling of pricking and stool recurvating due to stomach entangling, loose-motions, intensive pain of left iliac region which is increased towards the right and feeling of retching increment with pain.   

Symptoms associated with Female: -

The women suffered from stitching pain of both the sides of the ovary, feeling of relief in pain of the left side by legs extending, lying on the left side and turning upside, feeling of pain breast by touching, etc., should use Apium Graveolens medicine. 

Symptoms related to the Respiratory Systems: -

Apium Graveolens medicine should be used for curing feeling of tickling in the nose and mouth region, whooping cough, sternum stricture with feeling of straining after lying, throat swelling and respiratory problems

Symptoms related with Skin diseases: -

Apium Graveolens medicine should be used in the cases of body itching, flecks due to fast itch, feeling of ant crawling and burning on the itching parts, granular body with excretion of infected fluid and symptoms of Chhapaki with body shivering.

Symptoms associated with Sleep: -

When the patient is torpid, is not able to sleep well and remains awake from 1 to 6 A.M. in the morning with body tiredness, etc., this medicine should be used. 

Dose: -

Apium Graveolens medicine should be used in 1st to 30th potency for curing the symptoms of diseases.