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Introduction: -

In Allopathic treatment, Antipyrinum medicine is used for curing fever by removing out sweat. This medicine is also used for curing pain of the right side of the body, right portion of the chest, right hand and right side of the testicles.   

Antipyrinum medicine should be used in the symptoms of feeling of neuralgic stimulation as insanity, stitching headache rushing towards the ear, paroxysm pain in the ear, blepharitis (swelling of eyelids sides), bright redness and swelling in the eyes, lachrymation (eye watering), face inflammation and dryness, lips swelling, tongue ulcer, bleeding with salivation, pain and burning sensation in the teeth and gums, fetid pus with cough, throat pain when swallow, problems in inhaling and exhaling and feeling of pain in the chest. The patient suffered from above diseases also has symptoms of fainting, irregular nerves speed, granular and itching body, skin diseases and over sweating. This medicine should be used for curing these symptoms.    

Useful Properties of Antipyrinum medicine: -

Symptoms related with Mind: -

Antipyrinum is an efficacious drug in insanity, nerves weakness, illusion and deficiency in hearing and seeing.

Head-related Symptoms: -

In the symptoms of headache, head warmth, stricture in head skin and aggravated pain below the ear due to headache, Antipyrinum medicine should be used.

Eye-related Symptoms: -

Antipyrinum medicine is useful for curing blepharitis, eyes watering and eyes redness.

Ear-related Symptoms: -

This medicine should be used in headache with ear pain and sough sound in the ear.

Face Symptoms: -

Antipyrinum medicine should be used in the symptoms of face inflammation, face redness and face burning with light pain.

Mouth-related Symptoms: -

When the patient suffers from lips swelling, burning sensation in the mouth and gums, wound of lips and tongue, tongue blisters, small tumors on the cheek, tongue swelling, bleeding with salivation and pain in the lower jaw, now Antipyrinum medicine should be used.

Throat-related Symptoms: -

Antipyrinum is useful remedy in the symptoms of feeling of pain during swallow the food, excretion of fetid phlegm from the throat, throat abscess and throat burning sensation.   

Abdominal Symptoms: -

Antipyrinum is an effective drug for the treatment of vomiting with pain and burning sensation in the stomach.

Symptoms related with Urine: -

Antipyrinum medicine should be used in the cases of urine scanty and blackness over the penis.

Symptoms of Respiration System: - 

Sometimes the patient suffers from excessive running nose , inflammation of mucous membrane of the nose, pain in the nostrils, hoarseness, respiration problems and breathing problems due to hemophilia from the lungs. Antipyrinum medicine should be used for curing these symptoms. 

Symptoms associated with Female: -

The women who are suffering from vagina itching and burning sensation, sudden stoppage of menses excretion and discharging of leucorrhoea should use Antipyrinum medicine.

Heart-related Symptoms: -

Antipyrinum medicine should be used in the cases of sudden inactiveness of the heartbeat with fainting, feeling burning sensation in the whole body, nerves weakness and nerves irregularity.

Nerves Symptoms: -

Antipyrinum medicine should be used for curing fits as asthma, jerking and shivering in the body parts, stricture in the body parts and numbness in the hands and feet. 

Symptoms related with skin diseases:-

  • Sometimes the patient suffers from bright red granular body, marks and flecks over the body, intense itching, eczema, snoozing, suddenly feeling of recuperative and feeling of cold. 
  • Symptoms of black flecks on the penis and body weakness.

Above symptoms are cured by using Antipyrinum medicine.

Dose: - 

Antipyrinum medicine should be used in 2x, 6 potencies for curing the symptoms.