Introduction: -

Anthracinum medicine is prepared with the spleen of such pet animals which is suffered from spleen fever.        

Anthracinum is very useful remedy of curing pimples and ulcers of the body.

This medicine should be used in the burning sensation of the body parts, cellular tissue strictness, ulcers, bubo and burning sensation in the connective tissue. 

This medicine is very effective in the cases of bleeding from the body parts and blood is black, concentrated and like charcoal. 

Anthracinum medicine should be used for curing swelling of the body glands, oedematous and strictness, black and blue blisters, wounds caused by cutting by any weapon and by getting hurt, wounds caused by insects biting, bad result of smelling fetid things, burning sensation in the ear, etc.  

Relation: -

  • Anthracinum is very useful drug like Arsenic that works well after this medicine.
  • Anthracinum medicine can be compared with Pyrogenium, Hippozaninum, Echinacea Lachesis, Silicea, etc. medicines.

Dose: -

Anthracinum medicine should be used in 3rd potency for curing the symptoms of diseases.