Anthemis nobilis



Introduction: -

Anthemis Nobilis medicine is soft natured. This medicine keeps the process of digestion system normal. It is sensitive for cold air and cold things. 

Useful Properties of Anthemis Nobilis: -

Symptoms related with the Respiratory Systems: -

Anthemis Nobilis should be used for curing catarrh, tears rolling down from the eyes, sneezing, nose running, aggravation in symptoms inside the room, construction in the throat and feeling of throat scrapings.

Abdominal Symptoms: -

Anthemis Nobilis should be used in the cases of ache in the liver region, feeling of cold and jerking in the stomach and legs, anus itching with twisting and pain and stool whiteness.

Urine-related Symptoms: -

When the patient feels chaos bladder, pain in the spermatic cord and obstruction in urine, Anthemis Nobilis should be used.

Symptoms related with skin diseases: -

Anthemis Nobilis should be used for curing feeling of such itching in the soles as frostbite and gooseflesh.

Dose: -

Anthemis Nobilis medicine should be used in 3rd potency for curing such symptoms.