Introduction: -

Anhalonium medicine is made with mescal substance. Mescal is a sharp intoxicating sprit which is pulled by Palke Farte. Palke is prepared in Agave Americana or Mexico, and is known as ‘Megvey’. This is national beverage of Mexico. Indians call it ‘Peyote’. It makes the heart weak and creates insanity. It is useful for ear nerves, because it improves hearing power.      

It creates the stage of such intoxication, in which the patient sees strange things, beautiful and different changeable colors appear additionally, sensation of increased physical strength and huge devils or several types of dangerous horrible shapes also appear.

Anhalonium medicine gives strength to the heart and makes the respiration systems fast. This medicine is very useful in the symptoms of insanity and insomnia due to stomach gas trouble, mentally tiredness, insanity, migraine, illusion and seeming of different colored things.

Anhalonium medicine should be used in the case of debility of body muscles, joints pain and migraine (Hemicrania).

Use of Anhalonium medicine in different symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

Sometimes the patient forgets time passing, in realty he is illusion, lazy and is not able to pronunciation correctly. Anhalonium medicine should be used for curing these symptoms.

Head-related Symptoms: -

Anhalonium is an efficacious remedy for curing headache with weak eyesight, imagining of colored things when walk, feeling of unwell due to sitting free, chaos orbit with giddiness, tired mind, seeming of different colored ants and reverberation of a normal voice in the ears.   

Relation: -

Anhalonium medicine can be compared with Agave medicine. Intoxication of this medicine is as same as Cannabis Indica and Oenanthe medicines.

Dose: -

The mother tincture of Anhalonium medicine should be used for curing different symptoms.