Introduction: -

Andersonai medicine is used for curing several types of symptoms as- symptoms related with liver and spleen, chronic fever, symptoms related with glands, leucorrhoea and debility of the body parts.

Use of Andersonai medicine in different symptoms: -

Symptoms related with Mind or Mood; -

When the patient has very poor memory and writes the letters and signs as wrong. The patient makes mistakes in telling any place and suffers from mind disconcentration and has angry natured. Andersonai proves as an effective remedy in such symptoms.

Head-related Symptoms: -

In the feeling of head warmth, giddiness, warmth and pain in the temple and feeling of relief by cold air or by applying cold paste, etc., Andersonai should be used for curing such symptoms.

Face-related Symptoms: -

Andersonai medicine should be used in the cases of facial warmth and sensation of burning sensation in the eyes and face.

Symptoms related with Mouth: -

In the cases of tasteless mouth and mouth bitterness in morning, Andersonai medicine should be used. 

Abdominal symptoms: -

Sometimes the patient suffers from light fever with headache, burning sensation in the hands, legs, etc., thus using Andersonai is very useful.

Nerves- related Symptoms: -

When the nerves speed is fast and on right way, the patient feels fever with headache and burning sensation in the hands, legs, etc., Andersonai medicine should be used.

Dose: -

Andersonai medicine should be used in 3x, 6x, and 30th potencies for curing symptoms.