Anacardium orientale


Introduction: -

        Anacardium Orientale is very useful and expensive medicine. This medicine is used for curing such symptoms as- swallowing meal and water quickly due to deprived hunger, intense pain in the stomach when hunger and feeling of relief after taking little meal, feeling relief after blood vomiting in the case of digestion of food completely, unbearable stomachache after 2-3 hours of meals and presentation of pain till digestion activities completed.      

        Anacardium Orientale is also used for checking poison of Rhus-toxicodendron.

Use of Anacardium Orientale in different symptoms: -

Abdominal Symptoms: -

        Anacardium Orientale should be used in the case of stomachache due to emptiness and feeling of relief in stomachache after taking little meal.

Stool-related Symptoms: - 

        Sometimes the patient desires for frequent excretion, but doesn’t get success. Such conditions are created by the malfunctioning of the rectum or rectum paralysis. The patient feels as if something (any wood or round piece) is entangled in his anus, but when he goes for excretion, faecal materials do not come out completely due to constipation. The memory of patient is also poor due to such symptoms. Anacardium Orientale should be used for curing these symptoms.

Symptoms associated with Memory: -

        The patient has poor memory and swears for each topic. He makes the people understand any small matter and thinks spare thoughts. The patient has desires to do any work, but earlier he is adverse it. The patient feels such pain in the body parts as if someone hits with a wood piece. He suspicious about every things and feels more problems while walking. He feels weakness in all the organs and feels as if someone follows him while walking. Such symptoms are cured by using Anacardium Orientale.

Symptoms related to old: -

        Such old people who are suffering from apathetic health with poor memory should use Anacardium Orientale.

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

        Sometimes the patient feels as if he is not a single, but double; he has two souls in his body, one gives order and other is against it. The patient thinks as if his body and soul is apart, and he believes that he is controlled by two souls. Anacardium Orientale should be used for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms related to different body parts: -

        Anacardium Orientale is a beneficial drug in the feeling of few nodes in several organs of his body and strictness of those organs. 

Symptoms associated with Paralysis: -

        Sometimes the patient suffers from knee’s paralysis due to paralysis of the body muscles. Occasionally, the patient feels as if any bandage is tied tightly on his knee. Anacardium Orientale should be used for curing these symptoms.

Aggravation: -

        These symptoms aggravate by lying on any side, rubbing, by holding anything, remain hungry, due to doing mental works. 

Amelioration: -

        Symptoms start ameliorating while taking meals.

Relation: -

        Some properties of Cantharis, Ranunculus-bulbosus, Rhus-ta, Sulphur, etc. medicines can be compared with Anacardium Orientale.