Amyl nitrosum



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Introduction: -

       Amyl Nitrosum is very useful drug for curing many symptoms especially when the function of vago motor becomes slow and the face becomes hot and red; blood start circulating rapidly towards the face and head; facial redness appear even after little stimulation; when the patient feels heat, burning sensation and heaviness inside his head; he feels jerk and burning inside the head and ears as if it will be burst and at the same time, he feels stretching sensation inside the throat and heart; burning in the temples becomes as violent as it can be noted easily from the outside; he spreads his eyes as if they will come out, etc.

       As soon this medicine is smelled by the patient as it affects quickly in the arteries and veins consequently these spread and the face, body and head become warm. The arteries work properly and all the symptoms are cured.   

       Amyl Nitrosum is an efficacious drug in fast heartbeat and the problems concerned with menses ending stage.  

       This medicine is useful in hiccups, yawning and unconsciousness.

Use of this drug in different symptoms: -

Symptoms related with the Head: -

  • This medicine should be used in the cases of head heaviness, desire for living in the fresh wind, aggravation of blood pressure in the head and face, body warmth with redness and feeling of bleeding from the skin.
  • Amyl Nitrosum should be used in profuse sweating during menses and feeling of warmth near the ears.

Symptoms of the Throat: -

       Amyl Nitrosum should be used in the cases of throat stricture, feeling of suffocation, fast heartbeat and blood circulation towards the face from the head.

Symptoms related with the chest: - 

       The patient suffering from respiratory problems, occasionally aggravation in the asthma, feeling of chest heaviness and suffocation, suffocative cough, abnormity in the heart activities, feeling of pain and stricture in the heart region, feeling of chest tightness after doing some work, etc., should use Amyl Nitrosum for getting relief.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

       When the women suffering from pain as labor pain, vaginal hemorrhage, feeling of facial warmth, and headache and head warmth after stopping of menses, fast heart beat, etc., Amyl Nitrosum should be used.  

Symptoms associated with Fever: -

       Amyl Nitrosum should be used in the cases of excessive warm body and just after cold and adhesive body, excessive sweating and burning sensation in the whole body. 

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: -

       Sometimes, the patient suffers from frequent stretching till many hours, and has to spread the hands and feet. The patient also suffers from varicose veins of the hands and over pulsation of hands fingers. Such symptoms are cured by using Amyl Nitrosum.

Symptoms associated with Delivery: -

       Amyl Nitrosum should be used in the cases of jerking just after delivery and additional bleeding from the vagina

Symptoms associated with different diseases: -

       Amyl Nitrosum is very useful remedy for curing several diseases– neuralgic headache, sunstroke, menstrual irregularities, hysteria, epilepsy and brights.

Sub-ameliorator: -

       Amyl Nitrosum is smelled for curing symptoms, in which the blood vessels stricture with jerking as- heart pain, epilepsy fits, hemicrania, feeling of cold, jaundice, etc. This medicine is very useful for curing asthma fits and obstruction in breathing. In Homeopathy, 5 drops of this medicine is dropped on handkerchief and then make the patient smell. Consequently, it cures several symptoms. 

Relation: -

        Amyl Nitrosum can be compared with drugs like-Glonine, Lachesis, Aconite, Belladonna, Cactus, Coc, etc.

       Smelling this medicine provides quick relief. This medicine proves efficacious, when the death is about to come caused by side effects of medicines that are used for making unconscious.  

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

       Cactus, Strychninum, Argentum, etc. are used for removing bad effects of Amyl Nitrosum. 

Aggravation: -

       Symptoms aggravate by doing excess physical work and mental disorders.

Dose: -

       Amyl Nitrosum should be used in 3rd potency.