Amyl nitric


Introduction: -

Amyl Nitric is a useful remedy in the case of unconsciousness after epilepsy attacks and unconsciousness due to bad affects of those drugs that are used to cure it. This medicine proves very effective for curing any type of unconsciousness.  

Use of Amyl Nitric in different symptoms: -

Symptoms related with the Heart: -

Amyl Nitric medicine is used for curing excitement of the heart blocks.

Face-related Symptoms: -

Amyl Nitric proves as excellent remedy for curing facial plethora and chronic disease of blood pressure on the face. It cures disease soon. 

Gynecology related symptoms: -

This medicine is useful for curing early menses and chronic diseases related to menses

Dose: -

Amyl Nitric medicine should be used in 30th potency for curing diseases.