Amygdalus persica



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Introduction: -

Amygdalus Persica is used for curing different conditions of vomiting by that crop of; several types of symptoms related to vomiting are cured. Such patient suffers from vomiting in the morning with eyes pricking, suppression of stools and hematuria.

If the patient suffers from hematuria, this medicine should be used to cure this disease.

Amygdalus Persica should be used in the cases of burning sensation in the anus of a child, gastric irritation, excretion after taking meal, tasteless tongue and offensive smell from the mouth and burning inside the anus. In such symptoms, the patient also suffers from sharp and chaos tongue with red edges, vomiting and retching. 

Relation: -

 Amygdalus Persica can be compared with Amygdale in the cases of tonsils pain, deepness inside the throat and feeling of problems during swallow. In such symptoms, the patient also suffers from vomiting, cough and pain.

Dose: -

Fresh decoction or mother tincture of Amygdalus Persica should be used for curing diseases.