Amoebic dysentery



        When a person becomes the victim of amoebic dysentery, he should not become nervous but he should start treatment properly. This disease can be cured by nature therapy.

Cause of Amoebic dysentery:

        When the digestive system of a person becomes weak, digestive power of that person becomes less too because of which digestive juice becomes changed into a thing like gluten and starts to come out with stool resulting that person suffers form amoebic dysentery. 

Symptoms of Amoebic dysentery:

        When a person becomes the victim of this disease, a kind of oily substance like gluten comes out with the stool due to this reason and along with the victim does not feel hunger. The victim suffers from such kinds of symptoms as laziness, no desire to do work, lack of courage and despair.

Treatment of the victim by nature therapy:

  • The victim of this disease should take juice of white ash guard, Cucumber, White gourd, orange, pine apple, etc. and lemon water, coconut water and whey for the treatment.
  • The victim should include fruits in meal for some days. Thereafter, he should take fruits, salad and sprouted substances for some days. After that, he should take normal food for some days.
  • Besides it, the victim should adopt enema to make the stomach cleansed.
  • A wet bandage of soil should be kept on the stomach of the patient once a week and make him fast once a week.
  • The victim should not become nervous. He should take curd by mixing hot water and a little salt along with the treatment.
  • The patient should drink whey in the morning and evening regularly. The victim gets rid of this disease after natural treatment. 
  • The victim should drink water on a large scale so that there is no deficiency of water in the body because weakness comes in the body because of diarrhea.
  • Coconut and rice water proves very beneficial for the patient in this disease.
  • If the patient is feeling nausea, he should drink lukewarm water. Thereafter, he should vomit to make the stomach empty.