Ammonium phosphoricum



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Introduction: -

Ammonium Phosphoricum should be used for curing symptoms of chronic arthritis and symptoms related to uric acid. 

Ammonium Phosphoricum is an efficacious remedy for curing bronchitis, tumours on the fingers joints and behind the hand, facial paralysis and pain of the shoulders joints. 

The patient suffered from tightness and pain in the chest region, feeling of heaviness in the body parts, lameness during walk, feeling cold even after exposure to little wind, etc. should take Ammonium Phosphoricum.

Ammonium Phosphoricum should be used in the cases of excessive sneezing in the morning, additional water is coming out from the nose and eyes

Ammonium Phosphoricum proves as very effective drug in respiratory problems with cough and green phlegm.

This medicine should be used in the case of coming pink sediments with urine.

Dose: -

Ammonium Phosphoricum should be used as 3rd decimal trituration for curing diseases.