Ammonium carbonicum



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 Introduction: -

Ammonium Carbonicum is used for curing such female diseases, in which female remains healthy, but feels tiredness and cold. The female suffers from cholera before menses and doesn’t do any physical work. The modality of patient is downiness.  

The women who usually smell sal-ammoniac and lime water filled in a bottle; and the women who suffer from frequent hemorrhage, should use Ammonium Carbonicum for getting relief.  

The patient who suffers from heart weakness, sough sound during inhale, feeling of suffocation, sensitive about cold air, and hates water. The patient is unable to tolerate even touch of water, and suffers from fever, inflammation in the glands, pain and bright redness inside the throat and pimples in the throat. Such symptoms are cured by using Ammonium Carbonicum.  

Sometimes the patient feels heaviness on the whole body and likes dirt. The patient suffers from inflammation of the body parts and glands and becomes sad even on a little topic. Ammonium Carbonicum should be used for curing such symptoms.

Useful in different symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

When the patient suffers from memory weakness, misbehaviouring, sadness in stormy weather, like dirt, feeling problems by talking with others, sorrowful, uncurious, weeping mood, etc., Ammonium Carbonicum should be used.

Symptoms of the Head: -

Sometimes the patient feels head warmth and gets relief in a hot room or by pressing his head; feels jerks in the head, etc., Ammonium Carbonicum should be used in such cases.

Symptoms of the Eyes: -

Ammonium Carbonicum should be used for curing such symptoms as– eyes burning, photophobia and tightness in the eyes, asthenpia and feeling of pain in the eye angels.

Symptoms related to the Ear: -

Ammonium Carbonicum medicine should be used for curing hardness of hearing and feeling of jerks across the nose and both the ears while teeth grinding.

Symptoms related to the Nose: -

Ammonium Carbonicum should be used in the cases of nose burning and intensive pain with nose blowing, blocked nose at night, catarrh, problems while inhaling, blowing materials like phlegm from the nose of children, nose-bleeding after washing the face and taking meals and watery blowing from the nose and coming out materials like phlegm mixed with blood from the nose.

Symptoms related with Face: -

Ammonium Carbonicum should be used for curing ringworms around the patient’s face, facial pimples and acnes during menses, cracked and burning sensation in the mouth corners.

Symptoms related to the Mouth: -

Sometimes the patient suffers from mouth and throat dryness, toothache, feeling of jerks in the head, eyes and ears after pressing the teeth, tongue blisters, mouth sourness and rolling sound in the jaws while chewing. Ammonium Carbonicum should be used for curing such symptoms.

Throat-related Symptoms: -

Ammonium Carbonicum should be used for curing tonsils, enlarged glands of the neck, burning and pain inside the throat and diphtheria during blocked nose. 

Symptoms rekated with the Stomach: -

Sometimes the patient suffers from pain inside the stomach, heart burning, retching, feeling of cold and feeling of excessive appetite but get satisfaction with little meal. Such symptoms are cured by using Ammonium Carbonicum.  

Abdominal Symptoms: -

Ammonium Carbonicum should be used for curing such symptoms as – rolling sound with pain in the stomach, solid or nodular faecal materials, stool straining, bloody piles during menses, itching of the anus, increment of piles moles, and problems after excretion and feeling of relief by lying.

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

Sometimes the patient suffers from frequent urination, twisting while frequent urination at night and while sandy urine mixed with blood, offensive urine in little volume, etc., Ammonium Carbonicum should be used in such symptoms. 

Symptoms related with Male: -

The patient suffered from pain and itching of the testes and semen vessels, semen discharging before intercourse, deficiency of sperm count, etc. should use Ammonium Carbonicum. 

Symptoms related with Female: -

The women suffered from anus itching with swelling and pain, leucorrhoea with burning sensation and lancinating pain, disliking to intercourse, menses irregularity, hemophilia during menses, stomachache due to hard stool, stool straining, feeling of tiredness especially in the thighs, excessive yawning, feeling cold, etc. should use Ammonium Carbonicum.

Symptoms related to the Respiration Systems: -

Ammonium Carbonicum should be used in the cases of cough and respiratory problems since 3:00 O’clock daily in the morning, fast heartbeat, chest burning, hard breathing by doing any work or feeling tiredness or going upstairs or in the hot room, pneumonia and body debility, low activities of respiration, hard breath with rolling and sough sound, catarrh of cold weather, nose running occasionally excretion of bloody phlegm from nose and lungs dropsy.  

Symptoms related with the Heart: -

Sometimes the patient hears heart beat and feels fear too, perspiration from the body, trears coming from the eyes, feeling troubles while speaking, cramping the hands, heart debility, having problems while breathing and fast heartbeat. Ammonium Carbonicum should be used for curing such symptoms.    

Symptoms related with the external parts of the body: -

In the cases of joints pain, feeling of relief after laying, feeling of pain by extending the hands and feet, cyanosis and bloated veins of the hands, swelling in the fingers due to hanging downwards, pain in the soles, painful and swelled toes, beginning condition of nails ulcer, feeling of pain by standing and pain in the bones of ankle and feet, etc., Ammonium Carbonicum should be used. 

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

Sometimes the patient doesn’t get well sleep due to pain of the feet and bones, and feels startling after awaking and feels suffocation. Such symptoms are cured by using Ammonium Carbonicum.

Symptoms related with Skin diseases: -

Ammonium Carbonicum should be used for curing blisters with itching and burning, eruptions filled with blood and miliary rash. 

Symptoms associated with Menses: -

The women suffered from cramps before menstruations, early and profuse menses, menstrual flow is as much poisonsous as scratches the thigh and flow is much at night and while sitting. Ammonium Carbonicum should be used in these symptoms.

Comparison: -

bleeding from the left nostril while washing the mouth and hands in the morning: -

Ammonium Carbonicum is a useful medicine in this condition but Kali-Carbonicum should be used in the case of nose-bleeding at the time of washing the mouth in the morning. Arnica, Bryonia and Nux-vomica should be used for curing nose-bleeding in the morning but the blood runs itself, not due to face washing. Similarly, Amon-carb can be used for curing nose-bleeding after taking meals. 

Blocked nose at night: -

Ammonium Carbonicum can be used in such condition but Lycopodium, Nux-vomica, Sambu, Sticta and Hepar can be used in such cases. So, these medicines can be compared with Ammonium Carbonicum.

Menstruations: -

Ammonium Carbonicum should be used for curing loose-motions like cholera in the beginning of menses, but Bovista, Staphysagria, Sulphur, Veretram-Album and Amon-Mur can also be used for curing such symptom. Thus, Ammonium Carbonicum can be compared with these medicines.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms aggravate in the evening, humid weather, beginning of menses, 3 O’clock in the morning and by cold, touching wet bandages and washing the hands and feet. 

Amelioration: -

These symptoms ameliorate by caressing the stomach, lying down and in dried weather.

Relation: -

  • Lachesis is inimical of this medicine, but similar in action. 
  • It can be compared with drugs like- Rhus, Muriaticum acidum, Tatarr Imate, etc.

Anti-miasmatic medicine: -

Arnica and Camphora remove the bad effects of Ammonium Carbonicum.

Dose: -

The lower potency of Ammonium Carbonicum is spoiled after a long time. Normally, this medicine should be used in 6th potency for best result.