Introduction: -

Ambrosia is used for curing hay fever, lachrymation and unbearable itching in the eyelids that creates lots of problems for the patient.  

Ambrosia medicine should be used for curing whooping cough, depressed respiration vessels, sprue of summers and other diseases.

Useful in different symptoms: -

Nose-related Symptoms: -

Sometimes, the patient feels heaviness in the nose and head, and suffers from over sneezing, nose watering, catarrh with asthma fits and sough sound during cough. Such symptoms are cured by using Ambrosia medicine. 

Eye related Symptoms: -

Ambrosia is an excellent remedy in the cases of lachrymation, eyes burning and itching.

Relation: -

In the case of Hay fever, this medicine can be compared with Bythia, Suxi-acid, Arsenicum-Iodatum, Arundo, Sabadilla, etc.

Dose: -

Ambrosia should be used from the mother tincture of it to 3rd potency.