Ambra grisea



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Introduction: -

    Ambra Grisea is an effective remedy for the symptoms associated with nerves and hysteria.

    This medicine is very useful for small children and old aged people.

    This medicine is very useful for healing the anemia and physiological and mental disturbances of lean and thin people.  

    In the cases of mind agility, forgetting to the main subject, undesired for waiting the required answer, curiosity for knowing all thoughts but feeling of forgetting after sometime, sadness, feeling of gay for a single moment, carelessness in all works, sadness and feeling of dreamlike after awaking in the morning, misbehavior in the evening, forgetfulness regarding any view and feeling of nervousness in the crowed, Ambra Grisea medicine should be used for such symptoms. The patient suffered from such symptoms wants death occasionally, feeling of shivering and physically and mentally disturbance by listening song or high sound, feeling of back pain listening hammer sound, feeling of headache listening song, aggravation in cough and throat pain by listening any sound, increment in cough due to over-thinking and sadness, feeling problems inside a hot room and in morning and increment in symptoms by informing of business loss or homely accidents. Ambra Grisea is effective remedy in such cases.

    Often, this medicine is used for such patients who are suffered from one side part of the body as- sweating from one side of the body.

Useful Properties of Ambra Grisea medicine: -               

Symptoms related with Eyes: -

    Sometimes the patient feels so much itching in the eyelids as disease of stye (Bilni), and suffers from closed eyes pain. This medicine should be used for curing the diseases of such symptoms.

Ear-related Symptoms: -

    This medicine is used in the case of hearing deficiency without any reason. 

Nose-related Symptoms: -

    Ambra Grisea medicine should be used in the cases of hemorrhage from the nose and dried layers of blood inside the nose.  

Symptoms related with throat: -

    Sometimes the patient suffers from blocked phlegm inside the throat which is thrown out by coughing. Such symptoms are cured by using Ambra Grisea medicine.

Abdominal Symptoms: -

    Sometimes the patient feels coldness in one side of the stomach, liver pain and intensive cough due to frequent belching. This medicine should be used in such cases.  

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

    When the patient scares from other people and likes soliloquy, he is unable for doing anything in others presence. The body of patient is shivering. Such symptoms are cured by using Ambra Grisea medicine. 

Symptoms related with Head: -

    Ambra Grisea medicine should be used in the cases of memory weakness, giddiness, stomach weakness, tightness in front part of the head, irritability, hemicrania (migraine), feeling of giddiness and other problems of old aged people, fast blood circulation towards the head due to listening song, deficiency in hearing power, occasionally nose-bleeding, teeth hemorrhage and alopecia.    

Symptoms related with Stomach: -

    Ambra Grisea medicine should be used for curing cough with belching, sour belching, feeling of heart burning, stomach bloating after midnight and feeling of coolness in the stomach.

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

    The patient who is suffering from urethra burning, feeling of strangury in urethra, burning and itching in the urethra during urination, sediments in urine and oiluria (oil with urination) should use Ambra Grisea medicine. 

Symptoms associated with Constipation: -

    Sometimes, the stool doesn’t excretion rightly in presence of other person and the patient feels shame. Patient wants faeces excretion so he gets problem. Ambra Grisea medicine should be used in such cases. This medicine is also used for constipation of old aged people and urine stricture.  

Symptoms related with Female: -

    Ambra Grisea is an effective medicine in menses before definite period, pain and inflammation in the outer part of vagina due to itching and leucorrhoea at night.  

    The women who are hurt of nerves stimulant and body weakness should use Ambra Grisea medicine. 

Symptoms of Male disorders: -

    In the cases of itching and excitation in the testicles, numbness in and outside of the penis, feeling of burning sensation inside the penis and semen discharging after sensation of intercourse, Ambra Grisea medicine should be used.   

Symptoms associated with Cough:-

    Ambra Grisea medicine should be used for curing such cases as: - intensive whooping cough without any sough, belching with cough, ribs pain and hoarseness during cough, enlargement of tonsil gland, foul breathing, catarrh and cough of weak child, feeling of suffocation and increment in the cough by talking or crying. This is effective remedy for curing cough symptoms.

Symptoms associated with Fever: -

    Ambra Grisea is a useful drug in such cases: - feeling of cold in any body parts, lack of appetite and fever.

Symptoms related with perspiration: -

Ambra Grisea medicine is useful in the cases of over sweating from painful parts.

Symptoms of Respiration System: -

    Sometimes the patient suffers from inhaling problems, feeling of asthma, cough and belching in the morning, increment of cough in presence of others people, tickling in respiratory vessels, throat and larynx, feeling of tightness in the chest, breath disorders and whooping cough during cough, excretion of phlegm during cough and feeling of suffocation. Such symptoms are cured by using Ambra Grisea medicine.  

Heart- related Symptoms: -

    When the patient suffers from fast heartbeat, feeling of tightness in the chest, a feeling of burden over the chest and fast heartbeat with face yellowness in presence of opened air, now Ambra Grisea medicine should be used.

Symptoms associated with Sleep: -

    Ambra Grisea medicine should be used in the cases of awaking at night due to excessive worry, feeling of over-dreams and feeling of coolness, twisting and tightness over the whole body in sleep posture at night.   

Symptoms of Skin diseases: -

    Sometimes the patient suffers from itching and burning on the skin; these symptoms affect usually over the genitals organs, skin numbness and feeling of arms numbness. Ambra Grisea medicine should be used for curing such symptoms.

Precaution: -

    Ambra Grisea should not be used in the evening, because symptoms of diseases may be aggravated at night.

Relations: -

    Some properties of Asaf, Cocaina, Agraphis nutans, Moschus, Phosphorus, Valeriana, Acetanilidum, etc. drugs are found in Ambra Grisea, so this medicine can be compared with these medicines.

Aggravation: -

    These symptoms aggravate by taking hot beverages, living in hot room, listening song, by lying down, speaking loudly or study with crying, in crowdy place and awaking (sleeplessness) at night.


    The symptoms ameliorate after taking meals, by cold medicine and water, by cold things and leaving the bed. 

Dose: -

    Ambra Grisea should be used in 2nd to 3rd potencies for curing several diseases. It may be repeated after fuctioning well.